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I've actually made it to Sunday after going to Taiwai two days in a row without collapsing or anything. Interesting.

But that doesn't exclude the fact that I did feel like I was going to have a cold earlier this morning before going to bed...hmm...

So...I've finally got a letter from the Arts Faculty about being presented with the first year history prize in a ceremony on 18th November and the letter (as usual with all HKU pretentiousness) has even asked me to invite my secondary school principal as well as a teacher. God, they're so full up of themselves...but then again, I AM hoping to see Ang Lee at HKU in a talk given on the 1st October. To tell the truth, the only reason I'm going to that event is that he directed 'Sense and Sensibility' and has worked with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant. XDDD

But what to wear? Gah, and if I wear heels, my feet are seriously going to suffer. It's nice being offered a prize but the preparation and dressing up for the ceremony is always unnecessarily stressful. 
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Gah, it was my mum's birthday yesterday...but didn't really get to enjoy it till the late afternoon since I had like a ton of annoying uni administrative tasks to do beforehand...all that mad rushing about filling forms, double-checking them, getting told that there's something missing or wrong, fixing it up again, etc, etc...

Currently typing this on my prof's laptop at Taiwai...yes, what on earth am I doing on a Saturday morning here?! I have no idea...oh, the things I do for people...and no, I'm not exactly slacking off since I'm waiting for these huge files to transfer from one external hard drive to
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I seriously need to buy a music dictionary.

And I don't even study music...

As I said, blame it on my opera/TA obsession...God knows why I'm still determined to do this opera course even though it's obvious that the ones who are actually music majors or minors are going to do better than the very small group of non-music specialists in the class, which as far as I know, consists of only two people, an exchange student from the States who I've made an acquaintance with and myself. But even she has the upper hand since she did study classical voice at secondary school or so she says...but yeah, we'll persevere through this together, I suppose. When they started talking about dominant and tonic keys, my eyes started to glaze over, methinks. I kind of have a v.v.v.v. vague idea of what a dominant key is (I heard it explained/mentioned in this Wigmore Hall programme about classical music and instruments) but I've forgotten now, damn it.

Getting to Taiwai today was something...had a late start due to the traffic so couldn't take the 'leisurely' way of taking the 103, change to the KCR at Hung Hom and then take a minibus to the flat. Instead, had to take the 40 to Admiralty, get the MTR to TST, walk to the East TST KCR station, take the West Rail KCR to Hung Hom then take the East Rail KCR from there to Taiwai. Jesus. (I know, I know, don't use the lord's name in vain but I can't help it). Surprisingly, it's quicker that way since one doesn't need to get stuck in peak hour traffic but heck, it tires you if you're not up to it. Thank goodness the bus I take going home goes directly to near where I live from Hung Hom although the exhaust fumes, pollution etc is not great to breathe in for up to 20 minutes at the Cross Harbour Tunnel bus stop in order to get home...

I've recently been into re-watching the 'Rocky' films (yes, I don't look the type) which I haven't watched since I was a kid. The song 'Eye of the Tiger' is pretty catchy though...and surprisingly, Stallone is a pretty good actor, I've realised. I was even more impressed when I found out he actually also wrote and directed the films. Guess you can learn something everyday.

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Did about 3 hours of organising stuff for my internship on my computer earlier today, i.e. checking, inputting info, double-checking, moving files into the correct folders...and it nearly drove me insane.

As strange as it might seem (and I thought that I would never say this in my entire life), it was only listening to 'Le nozze di Figaro' (TWICE...which is desperate since the opera is over 2 hours long) that kept my mind from being thrown into mind-numbing boredom.

Who would have known that opera can help you in not falling asleep and tearing the hair from your head in exasperation... 

And this only happened at home when I could be free to listen to opera or whatever music of my choosing...and tomorrow, I have to work without anything at all to distract me from my travails...goodness, it's going to be a LONG, LONG day tomorrow.


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