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HURRAH! My Merry Widow libretto has finally arrived! And it's the right one! Woot!

And I was grinning like an insane person to see the cast list from the premiere of this particular libretto...because it's exactly the cast from the '97 ROH production which of course includes TA and Flott. Oh, and plus it's got both the lyrics to the songs AND the brilliant dialogue =D

*grins madly*
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Hurrah...just received confirmation that my Merry Widow libretto has just been shipped. So hopefully it'll be here in a week or so =)
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Can I say once again how lovely Thomas Allen and Felicity Lott are as an operatic couple? Brilliant singers and brilliant chemistry.

Watched the entire ROH '97 production of The Merry Widow - yes, the one that got me into opera in the first place - and I can see why I was drawn to it. Why? Because the acting from these two singers is marvellous...I almost forgot I was watching an operetta and was actually watching a play instead. One scene which I have never seen before on Youtube was so touching. It's the scene in Act II where Danilo (Allen) and Hanna (Lott) are teasingly suggesting places they might visit in Paris from the Pontevedrian Embassy to the more lively places like Maxims. Although it starts out all comedic and light-hearted, the atmosphere quickly turns into a very tangible sense of unspoken love between the two characters, especially so when he, in particular, doesn't want to admit it. You could basically live and breathe it in the air JUST by watching these two act. Such a beautiful moment. Flott and Allen can basically do everything - from comedy to romance to strained relationships, e.g. their Count and Countess in Le nozze di Figaro and still make it seem so natural and non-wooden.

Okay, I'm rambling...I'm returning to internship work this morning...and despite not sleeping (I really can't sleep these days, damn), I think I'll manage (hopefully).

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I can't sleep...AGAIN.

So what am I doing now? Well, the title pretty much says it for what or who I'm drawing -- at the moment, I really have no idea.

And who knew that opera could be so funny? If you told me a year ago that opera could be comedic, I would have thought you mad. But I'm proved wrong yet again when one watches operas like Le Nozze di Figaro or Cosi and operettas like Die Fledermaus and Die lustige Witwe.

Here I am trying to sketch and listen to Mozart's Cosi fan tutte at the same time and then I get slightly bored and play my copy of the 1996 MET Cosi with TA, Mentzer, Vaness and Hadley (I'm sorry I can't remember the baritone who played Guglielmo...oops). I get to the scene where the two officers are saying farewell to their lady-loves...and I'm giggling non-stop at the the antics the singers get up to. Guglielmo is overacting his 'despair' at leaving, Hadley's body language (he plays Ferrando) clearly tells Guglielmo to get a move on and isn't too keen to deal with his hyperactive and overemotional fiancee (played wonderfully by Susanne Mentzer; definitely one of the most prettiest Cherubinos, Zerlinas and Dorabellas around. Von Stade obviously gets first place over Mentzer for singing but acting-wise, I simply adore Mentzer who is simply adorable when she gets into character). Vaness as Fiordiligi is trying her best to play older sister but also is frightened at the news of her fiancee going away to war while TA, as usual, plays Don Alfonso with all the sly cynicism and charm. What always makes me laugh is when the two couples are tearfully saying their farewells, he's more interested in pouring the sand out of his shoe (the set does indeed have sand since it's set on a pier/beach) XD

And the Allen/Vaness/Mentzer trio of Soave sia il vento is is Francisco Araiza's Un' aura amorosa on my Cosi CD. Sometimes I really prefer Araiza to great tenors like Pavarotti or Domingo for some reason. Domingo was basically the first tenor I listened to (when I bought a highlights CD of  Bizet's Carmen during QBS...we were listening to the darn thing in music lessons for some weird reason) but I wasn't really impressed with a tenor's voice until the first time I saw Araiza sing Dalla sua pace on the 1987 Don Giovanni. I liked Jose van Dam (the Belgian bass-baritone) as Escamillo but again, my mind didn't click with baritone voices till the introduction of a particular British baritone as Count Danilo on Youtube. Really, it's all Jeremy Brett's fault for getting me into opera since it was his singing of the English translations of the songs in Die lustige Witwe that got me looking for other singers singing the same thing. XD

Ah, but I've rambled too long...back to sketching!

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So happy.

I've finally gotten back to fanfic writing after such a long period away from it.

Okay, okay...I guess this return can be attributed to my obsession with TA in The Merry Widow since this new fan fic is basically a fanfic retelling of the operetta but I've been planning to write it for such a long time now so I'm glad that I've technically and finally put it from mind to paper.

My mum was annoyed at me for staying up so late (or is it early?! XD  (it's now 7.30 am)) but there's this fear with writing, you know, you never know whether the sudden urge/inspiration you're currently experiencing will return once you've woken up after dosing off for a while so that explains my resistance to sleeping at the moment. 

I just hope that I can finish this fanfic as well as others. It annoys and saddens me to see that so many of my fanfics are incomplete. D=


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