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Lol, I found something in Page One this evening which amused me greatly: a book series called the Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries. The name is pretty self-explanatory but it just tickled me just imagining Oscar Wilde being like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot on a case.

And I wonder who would be his Watson or Hastings? Bosie perhaps? Oh, the imagery...XDDDD
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This simply says it ALL about the new Sherlock Holmes film...XD

(Don't get me wrong about Robert Downey Jr's acting...just rewatched him in 'Chaplin' and he was bloody brilliant. But as this new version of Sherlock Holmes...hmm, not my cup of tea)

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Well, after several clueless moments reading a tutorial on the net and making sense of abstract things like layers, alpha colours, brushes, etc... I finally made a Photoshop like manipulation of a Sherlock Holmes screencap...

Going from this...

To this...

So I'm pretty satisfied with the result...being the clueless Photoshop/GIMP novice that I am...

Hahahaha...and I was only able to finish this at 6.40 am on a Sunday morning when I should have been finishing off my Ecobus and History coursework...

EDIT: It's now 8:05pm and I've made a couple of things since my first attempt at GIMP...(and the coursework situation isn't resolved yet but I'm working on it. Thank goodness History is due on Wednesday...although I better let Ms Mathieson have a final look at it before I submit it for good...and Ecobus, I just have to add a short section with graphs and stats and explain them. No

The fruits of my labours so far with GIMP...

Note that this Sarah Brightman desktop design is derived entirely from here and that talented graphic artist. I only tried my hand at it and added the random music notes, name, etc with brushes from that site:

Two SH and one POTO...


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