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This fellow is extremely lucky, I must say (you'll know why when you read the 10th paragraph).

I mean, what on earth are the chances that you go to your first Billy Budd at Glyndebourne and the person sitting next to you is none other than a celebrated opera singer who is known to have been one of the best Billy Budds in his day? I refer, of course, to Sir Thomas Allen(!). Not only that but the writer also got to have a glimpse of Stephen Fry as well at the opera house!

Anyways, returning to TA....and I find it lovely that both he and his wife didn't boast about who he was and just gave hints as to who exactly he might be. How modest of them. =) And to have the good fortune to sit next to them for the duration of the whole opera (which in this case runs about 2 and a half hours)! I'm rather envious...though if I were in this writer's shoes, I'd also be a little nervous finding myself sitting right next to them.

I'm also quite glad to see that TA's still up and about despite his upcoming eye surgery which means that his condition isn't too serious which is always good news!
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LOL...I'm so sad if I get excited when I instantly recognise the hilarious March-Septet from Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow the moment I walk into the classical music section of a record store. XDDD

Well, at least that was the highlight of my day's not everyday you hear Lehar's music playing in HK!
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OMG...I must seriously have opera on the brain in order to instantly recognise a melody being played by a very quiet violin trio on Cantonese television as being none other than the lovely trio 'Soave sia il vento' from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte.

*face palm*

Now though I'm really wondering if the people who decided to use it in the program actually knew it's from an opera and not a random instrumental piece. XDDDDD
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I think I'm suffering from something I call 'Don Giovanni' on the brain...XD

Why, why WHY is it that I think that Rowan Atkinson in the second series of Blackadder (where for once, his character looks suitably dashing in 16th century ruffs, tunics, breeches, etc and with a goatee) looks uncannily similar to TA's Don Giovanni at times?! Their physiques and looks are nothing alike (though by eerie coincidence they both come from Durham) and yet at certain angles, Atkinson looks unbelievably similar to TA's Don. O___o

It's only recently I've noticed this, I think. It must be the beard or something...or the costume that's making me constantly refer back to Don Giovanni. *facepalm*

And these pictures aren't really helping, lol...

And why am I still awake when I'm supposed to be resting myself after journeying for 1 1/2 hours to Taiwai and taking another hour to come back home? Gah...

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OMG...the world really does work in mysterious and uncanny ways that really gets to you without you expecting it.

Here I am, just minding my own business watching stuff on Youtube and looking at any new TA vids being uploaded. There's one where he sings 'Silent Worship'...first thought: 'God, what an utterly bland title of a song which probably isn't very interesting.' I pass over it (despite it being sung by TA in the early 80s) then come back to it since I just want to have a listen to what it is.

And yes, I get egg splattered all over my face once again...since he sings a song I used to love enormously when I watched the 1996 version of 'Emma'.

[ profile] enserric , if you remember that song you liked from the'll know exactly what song I'm talking about: the one that Emma (Gwyneth Paltrow) sings at the piano at the party...

My favourite baritone plus Austen-related songs...*sigh*

And my fangirling JUST needed something to make it even more worse, eh?

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Are game developers in possession of mind-reading players' minds or knowledge of various places and people?

Because the name seen on the wall behind Indiana Jones here (yes, I'm playing such a sad game, lol) is totally well-known to me...

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So strange...

Was just watching Master and Commander again after reading Sharpe's Trafalgar (I'm afraid the naval battles in the book gave me the urge to watch naval battles in action on and just came across an actor/character which uncannily reminded me of Thomas Allen. Obviously, it WASN'T him but the actor called Robert Pugh looked uncannily similar.

Just looking at the pics of the both of them, maybe you can see what I mean...perhaps it's the greyish/white hair or something? Or perhaps the facial expression/shape of the face?

(Thomas Allen)

(Robert Pugh)

And the name of character Pugh played in Master and Commander was such a crazy coincidence...he was called Mr Allen!



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