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Hmm...passed by the HKU Anime Society stall this afternoon and I swear that I had half a mind to buy the Hetalia book/comic they had displayed on the table despite it being in CANTONESE...which everyone knows I can't write, read or speak!

Damn it, Reg. You're to blame for this XDDDD

And thank goodness that my group presentation for Belgium and the Netherlands is finally over and done with (just my luck to have to talk about the most complicated bit of their identities...their overly chaotic past and political systems!)...I just wish that my professor (yes, the one I'm doing my internship with just happened to do the same topic we did) didn't keep on referring back to me when he did his presentation afterwards, e.g. 'Oh, as Christy mentioned earlier', 'Hmm...Christy had a better map than mine' or 'Anyway, she's already mentioned this before' since people kept on looking at me and believe me, I wanted to disappear into my chair out of embarrassment.

*is quite sleepy now for some weird reason*
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Germany in episode 32 of Hetalia was hilarious...and him singing the end song was pretty interesting. It's also interesting that they tweaked some of the lyrics as well to fit his character.

And yes, [profile] x_reggg is going to laugh madly when she sees I'm making yet another Hetalia post on LJ...-___-

As for uni stuff...I am sooo happy that the books I have to review won't be due until the beginning of October, thank goodness...seeing that the professor finally found out that the book is almost near impossible to find. That's one load off my mind at the moment...

The typhoon last night was scary actually...I'm not one to be scared by typhoons but the one last night was pretty strong. I just wish that the rules at HKU allowed you the whole day off when there's a signal 8 rather than if 'the signal is hoisted at or before 6.00 am, all morning classes will be cancelled, if the signal is hoisted at or before 11.00am, then all afternoon classes are cancelled and if the signal is hoisted at or before 3.00pm, all evening classes are cancelled.' *sigh*

And wth about my politics tutorial this afternoon...I swear that my timetable said the lecture venue was at T7...I went there...found out that some random Putonghua class is taking place there, have to take the really long walk back to the library to get my hands on a computer (which were nearly all occupied), realise that it's been changed to T3, walk back in the now pouring rain, found out I'm 30 minutes late and that the door to the right lecture room is locked and the people won't let me in. WTF. Not the greatest start to my academic term, hmm...

Tomorrow's European politics and the first opera tutorial...I'm starting to like European's probably the most interesting subject I have this term compared to the utterly boring Chinese history and politics course. Oh, and yes...I also have to go to Taiwai tomorrow for the first time to help with the unpacking. I just hope that I don't get too tired or that it rains like crazy tomorrow or I'll be annoyed.

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After a lot of nudging and mentioning from [profile] x_reggg  to watch Hetalia, I finally made myself watch the first three episodes.

I can see why it's good for sparking more interest in history but I dunno...the Japanese voice acting and the overly cute baby versions of the countries annoy me. And Italy being portrayed as nothing more than a guy obsessed with pasta and pizza and is an utter coward is too much of a stereotype for my comfort zone. (That is kinda the point of the series, I know but do they have to go that far? And okay, maybe my exposure to Italian after repeated viewings/listenings to opera have made me like Italy more than I used to...) I do like Germany the best, I think though.

I guess I'll never be into anime as my friends are though I can see why they like it! XD


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