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The high point of 2009 for me was most definitely getting a lovely and totally unexpected handwritten card from a certain operatic baritone whose name I will not mention since I'm too shy to say so publicly...I'm still in disbelief whether as to he really wrote back to me. *thanks profusely him once again for being so generous to an almost anonymous fan* And yes, I would so totally rewind and go back to the moment I realised what I was holding and reading in my hands...the feeling was incredible!

One fond memory of 2009 is hanging out with [ profile] x_reggg and [ profile] enserric at Elements over the summer...that was probably the most fun get-together of the year for me seeing that I was and still am totally lacking in social life at HKU. This could be rivaled though by the little escapade we had at the airport to see off [ profile] cerulean88 to the States on January 1st of all days! Oh, and watching the sixth HP film was simply awesome...SNAPE!!! *clears throat loudly after her sudden fangirling* Mr Wray coming to my prize giving ceremony in November was also nice and memorable. It was wonderful  to see him again. Plus 2009 has been pretty great regarding my personal interest and progress in understanding and enjoying a rather new (give and take, lol)  interest: opera. I've made two lovely friends as a result of this and the ensuing emails and discussions really helped in keeping my mind sane over the year!

Low points? Eh, don't want to dwell on them too much...but being still stuck at HKU and being unable to go to Durham was REALLY a total point for me this year. Ah well...I'll try to at least visit the UK next year *crosses fingers*...hello 2010!
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My God, if I'm not able to see TA on 2nd May then I'll definitely try to see this in August...

I just hope that demand/seats aren't swamped for this seeing that the Proms are immensely popular in the UK...

Prom 22: A Celebration of Classic MGM Film Musicals

  • Maida Vale Singers
  • John Wilson Orchestra
  • John Wilson conductor

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According to, Thomas Allen is going to have a recital with her as well as Malcolm Martineau at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on 2nd May 2009

(from the Oxford Playhouse website)

Felicity Lott, Malcolm Martineau & Thomas Allen
Music at Oxford Saturday, 2nd May 2009 7:30 PM
Music at Oxford's logo

Felicity Lott soprano
Malcolm Martineau piano
Thomas Allen baritone

This one-off gala event features two of Britain's finest and most famous singers with one of the best accompanists in the world beside them. They delve into the world of song, with a mixture of solos and duet pieces by Mendelssohn, Mozart, Coward and Rogers & Hammerstein. This is one of the hottest tickets of the season.

Entrance Time:

15% discount when booking 8+ Music at Oxford Concerts or a Group of 10 (Not available online, please call 01865 305305)

No admittance to Under 6's.
Venue: Sheldonian Theatre
Prices: £40, £26, £18, £10

OMG...soooo want to go...*makes it one of her goals next year*

Hmm...but £40 and even £26 is expensive for one ticket. *sighs*


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