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I've tried for hours to sleep but to no avail and it's already six-something in the morning now and in about two hours I'll have to be on my way to work...*sigh* Damn insomnia.

My current stint of insomnia is perhaps solely due to the fact that I bought my first DSLR camera yesterday, a Nikon D3100! (I might have to blame/thank David Suchet for getting me interested in Nikon cameras as I've seen him use them almost all the time even in costume as Poirot! But that's beside the point...XDD) I've been meaning to buy one for quite a while now since though I liked my Canon digital camera and it's taken pictures of some very special moments and events, I've increasingly been dissatisfied with the picture quality and how noisy the lens are when I zoom in onto something. Also, a DSLR is definitely in order for taking photographs of London/the other camera just won't do. I'm still fiddling around with the controls/features but so far the photos I've taken so far are marvellous and a vast improvement over my compact digital camera (obviously) so I'm happy with it.

EDIT: And I've just watched the second trailer of HP7 Part 2...OMG. They have more scenes of Lily and Snape (okay, the latter only has one more here where he's saying the bit where they've been keeping Harry alive for years so that he can die at the proper moment, etc)! And apparently, Snape has two appearances on the soundtrack, the first being 'Snape's Demise' while the other is 'Severus and Lily'. Less than 30 days to go until the end!
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