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Yay, LJ is finally working on my new laptop (yeah, I got a new one recently although I kinda messed it up and broke like a corner of it when the stupid strap on the laptop bag suddenly decided to break off at one end, sending my laptop hurtling towards the floor with a bang -___-;). Haha, you should have seen my mum's face when she saw the broken pieces of the laptop cover. Not good. Anyways, thankfully there was nothing wrong with the laptop on the inside and now it's nearly good as new since I used this special glue to stick back the parts.

I just hope I don't have to eat my words of optimism or I'm v.v.v. screwed. O___o

Hmm, I've recently got addicted to Stephen Fry's 'QI', a comedy quiz show...his German impersonation of a person going bonkers over his lost phone is hilarious while the voice he used to announce 'Hello and welcome to the BAFTAs' was also extremely funny (it's all on the short 'Mein Handy' clip on Youtube). I'm starting to think that he's become another favourite person of mine...he's utterly fantastic in almost everything he does...

But that doesn't mean that my interest in TA is one can see from my new's him as Marcello in Puccini's 'La boheme' which I watched a little bit of last night. It was only an excerpt and he was only onscreen for only a few moments but my god, and I'll say this again, he can act extremely well! (I think I went a little crazy over it and even uploaded the clip on Youtube...great. XD)

Yesterday I finished this horrendously annoying history essay on the French Revolution...never has writing a 2500 word essay been so terribly difficult. I mean, the subject/topic was obviously not difficult but my god, the process of racking my brains to work was tiring. I was appalled by the fact that I couldn't remember or messed up so many words/spellings during my writing and relied on the word/spell check to rectify the situation. Geez, I even mispelled 'observation' and for the life of me, couldn't correct it properly by myself. It's insane...damn HKU...I think the local student population is starting to have an extremely adverse effect on my writing/thinking skills and it's really ANNOYING me...

Edit: WTF?! Moments after posting this, I realised I mispelled even my favourite baritone's name in the tags section. OMFG...*smashes head on desk* @______@

Date: 2009-04-21 03:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
did it drop from a very far distance? D=

French revolution eek! =p and yes, i do think that the local population and your annoyance at their highly SO NOT independent behaviour is seriously having a negative effect on you x__x you really cannot stay in that darn place!

Date: 2009-04-22 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No, it only dropped like...half a metre to the ground? The effing strap keeps on falling off the ring thing that attaches to the bag. Very, very flimsy design. It did the same thing yesterday again but thankfully I was holding the handstraps on the bag. If I didn't...hmm...broken laptop, I think. -____- I think I'm going to find another bag or something for it. *sigh*

And yeah, HKU is not helping me at all. It has seriously been the worst academic experience of my whole life so far. I've only done like 6-8 months of it, and I'm already sick of it. Not good news, lol.


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