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Watched the whole performance of this last night on my computer then rewatched it again with my mum just now. It's such a fantastically ingenious concept (comedy and music [even classical music?], mon Dieu, is it even possible?) and the orchestra seemed to be enjoying the night too, esp. looking from how amused they looked during the 'Cockney music' section. Oi! XDDDDD

And Saint-Saen's 'The Swan' on those Alpine bells is just brilliant (not to mention hilariously funny and entertaining to boot!). Bailey's definitely now on my list of favourite comedians. Thanks be to QI and Stephen Fry for introducing me to his work...among other great comedians like John Sessions, that is.

EDIT: And wow, I've just noticed that it's the first of December now...goodness how time flies...and in a month or so, it'll be 2011!
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I'm feeling rather down at the moment for a couple of reasons, one of them being related to Stephen Fry. He's apparently left Twitter (again) over some horrendous misunderstanding over an interview and alas, we haven't heard from him since October 31st after saying 'bye bye' on his Twitter, replacing his profile pic with one of what looks like his living room floor, changing his profile name from 'Stephen Fry' to 'S Fry' and saying all in his bio section that it's 'no longer in service.' Not only that but he was recently asked by Warner Brothers to take down a couple of pictures he took of the Harry Potter set while he was filming his role as Mycroft Holmes in the sequel to last year's film, Sherlock Holmes from his Twitter account. That wasn't the most wisest of moves on Mr Fry's part (the uploading of the photos, I mean) but yeah, it's been a pretty bad past week for the fellow.

As one blogger put it: 'Has Stephen Fry gone to the Twitter equivalent of Belgium?'...I seriously hope not. I can obviously see why his comments in the interview has caused such a furore but I think the most important thing now is to check whether the poor man is all right seeing that he does, despite his status as being a national treasure, have bipolar disorder. And no, I'm not saying that just because he's bipolar means that he has a right to say what he did (which might not be the most politically correct of statements) but I do hope the numerous people bashing him give him a little bit of a break. And I'm wondering why his friends like Emma Thompson or Hugh Laurie haven't said anything yet...are they in the dark as much as we are as to how he's doing? *crosses fingers that he's all right*

But I am rather glad to know that TA's Figaro at Scottish Opera which he's directing has so far been receiving great reviews! That cheers me up quite a bit, I must admit. Plus the production looks so gorgeously traditional (have I mentioned that I love traditional opera productions most of all? XD) that I really want to just go over to Scotland just to watch it to be honest!
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The awaited second volume of Stephen Fry's memoirs has finally hit the shelves (well, at least the shelves of ONE bookshop in HK as far as I know) and yeah, though I haven't read it all yet (I'm currently on page 70 or other), SF is still in top form with regard to writing with characteristic Stephen Fry-ish (is that even a word? I guess it is now) aplomb, sincerity and hilarity. Just reached the part where he's just arrived at Cambridge. His hilarious representation of how the ordinary person views Oxbridge was hysterically funny...basically he says that most people think the majority of the people studying there are just toffee-nosed, pompous gits [which is not quite what he said but that is the general gist] and that most people would dearly love to 'mow those f***ers down' [that last phrase had me giggling insanely]. All of which is true in a way but as he says these Oxbridge people ARE people with the same feelings and fears as the ordinary person.

And I'll be able to continue reading the book (probably finish it too) since now it's Reading Week and therefore no lectures for an entire week...hurrah! But yeah, I should continually remind myself that I do have a lot of other stuff to important things like assignments and research for my dissertation...
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I finally have an iPod Touch! Yeah, after years of unintentionally 'boycotting' Apple goods, I've finally given in. Stephen Fry would no doubt be proud. XDD

And it's all due to my mum going round the shops of Windsor House asking for it that she finally got one for me while I was at work doing my internship. She tried two without luck and managed to get one at the third shop she went to and it seems to be that she also got the last one left...O_O

Just trying to figure out what the heck to do with it at the moment though...I'm going to have to download iTunes first it seems...and then I'll just go from there...
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I was wandering around a newly opened Kelly and Walsh bookshop in Central today waiting for my mum to come back from the washroom and despite the fact that the store in question was tiny and had only what seemed like ten shelves in it, I came across Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled which I never expected to ever find in HK without actually having to order it. Naturally I bought it (who wouldn't?) but it was really quite unexpected finding not only that book but most of his other books on the shelves when all the other bigger stores in town (i.e. bigger branches of K and W, Dymocks and Page One) rarely have any of Fry's books on their shelves.

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Well, the countdown to seeing Stephen Fry and Andrew Roberts in the flesh in Hong Kong has started and hopefully if this typhoon/thunderstorm dies down, I should be able to see them in about 24 hours...

I just hope that we'll be able to take pictures...not necessarily a picture of me with them but just pictures OF them are enough for me (oh, and yeah...maybe an autograph or two!)
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Oh yes and did I mention that my favourite historian Andrew Roberts will be also there on the same stage on the same day?!

*squees like crazy*

But why, oh WHY did it have to be held on a freaking Saturday of all days when that's the day that I have to go to work?

Anyways, screw that...and screw the fact that the event is already fully registered and that I'm on a waiting list...I am going to go and see them no matter what!


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