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Can I actually put forward two songs? Funnily enough, they're both by Coldplay. First off is 'Speed of Sound' since it invariably reminds me of the times we did our GCSEs and of course, the immense fun I had in Mr Giddings' (who's already quite a personality by himself) and his physics classes at SIS and who *always* had the radio on in the background as we worked (and which almost always aired Coldplay songs..naturally, he got me into the band soon afterwards). XDD

The second song is 'Viva la Vida' which came out during the summer we were preparing/waiting for the results of our A levels. I also have a very strong memory of listening to this song while waiting alone for the 76 bus at the bus stop opposite the school on a rainy day. At the time, our A levels were obviously not happy times (i.e. non-stressful times) but looking back, I do feel a kind of nostalgia toward those days when we were all rather young and carefree compared to nowadays. And gosh, do I sound old saying that... -____-
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I can't believe my mum persuaded Mr WRAY to come to the prize giving ceremony...OTZ...

But what's done is done and he's coming all the same...she tried getting Mrs Mathieson and Mr Campion to come as well but they surprisingly don't remember me even though it's only been a year since I left! Too many students to deal with, I guess, even in that short space of time.

I feel immensely sleepy for some reason...gah, can we have Reading Week NOW so I can have a valid reason to laze around?


Sep. 23rd, 2009 02:55 am
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Finally was able to meet [profile] x_reggg on Sunday before she left for least, I managed to find some time to meet one friend before they set off although yes, I would have liked to have been able to have seen everyone before they left but alas, schedule woes once more cough in my face.

Talked about quite a lot...London, uni life at UCL, her worries/anxieties about getting the same room or not (which she did actually!) and a surprising amount of reminiscing on SIS. How we managed to talk for about 5 mins non-stop figuring out which floor on which block corresponded to each subject/department is beyond me and talking about which form rooms we had before and which teacher had which room was actually welcome since it refreshed my memories which I almost forgot. Forgive me while I digress and put up a memo of floors and blocks for my future case I forget it again...

C Block = 1st floor, library; 2nd floor, English, ICT (formerly), Textiles and Ecobus...oh and yes, the sports hall; 3rd floor, Geo and History (C37 being formerly Mr McKirdy's geography classroom and my first form room with 7S and Mr Stevenson while later being changed into the Humanities Office; C33 being Mr Campion's room, C32 being Mrs Mathieson's room and of course, C31 being Mr Taylor's room.); 4th floor, Religious Studies and sometimes English, Chinese and once French with Mr Hammond in the beginning of Yr 8 [I think it was C42/3] and General Studies (ugh)...with C46 being Mr Radford's former classroom in Year 7 (did you know I recently learned that Mr Radford also graduated from Durham?!); 5th floor, mainly English with C55 being Ms Rodger's room and C51 near the stairs being Ms Sutherland's room. I also remember C52 being Mrs Ralli's room. Oh, and of course, the 5th floor refect on the stairs opposite, the astroturf, the indoor basketball court which came along with the D block and the two 'sheds' which were formerly the music rooms near the refect. 6th floor, IB centre/common room and careers office.

D Block = 1st floor, maths; 2nd floor, maths, ICT; 3rd floor, Languages office(?) and well, obviously...languages while D33 was M. Hammond's room for French during GCSE; 4th floor, languages (mostly French and German...haha, memories of anxiously pacing back and forth before my French oral exams); 5th floor was nothing since it consisted of two flights of stairs and connected the C block to the D block (I personally hated the extra flight of stairs when my locker was located on the 6th floor in Yr 10 or 11?...oh, and before I forget...G/F on D block was the main refect and where my locker was in Yr 12/13, if I remember correctly), 6th floor, music; 7th floor, art and ICT(?) or was that the 6th floor? and 8th was media studies and textiles, I think. 

S Block = 1st floor, D&T rooms, 2nd floor, home economics and once S27 or 21(?) was the 'hated' room where we all had detention for a whole week in Year 7 with Ms Wilson since some of us forgot to bring books to read...; 3rd floor, physics (ah, memories with Mr Giddings in S33, lol), 4th floor, chemistry; 5th floor, chemistry and bio(?); 6th floor, science office. I remember also there being an ICT room in Yr 7...was it on S block floor 1 or 2?

Right...I think that has taken up more space than I actually planned...but as I said...for reference but I can imagine almost everyone phasing out by now if they've got to this point.

And now I've forgotten what I wanted to say before all this...*sigh*

EDIT: How on earth could I forget that the HALL was on the 2nd floor on C block?! Such an important room (the venue of exams, mock-exams, assemblies, graduation...) and I completely forget about it...


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