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Why is it always when you want to get something, somehow about 80% of the time, it's not there and when you really don't want it, it almost seems to be everywhere? Whether it be a book, a CD, a DVD, clothes or whatever, it's rather frustrating to face a situation when you've saved up enough money or time, etc to buy something and then be told that it's sold out or out of stock or no longer available.

I'm annoyed because I've finally got the chance to get an iPod Touch since my Creative Zen is really doing odd things now and running of battery fast despite a full charge nearly everyday. Alas, I've seemed to have also found my chance at the wrong time since it's coincided with the new generation of iPod Touch coming out (the fourth, I think) and as a result every single Broadway or Fortress no longer have them since it seems like everyone in HK decided to storm the shops and horde them all. And apparently, they have no idea when they'll be getting another shipment. And I'm not even picky as to which one I'll be getting (the older version is seriously fine with me...I mean, who the heck needs a camera on an iPod when you already have one on your mobile phone?!).

Grrrr...well, since I only had the chance to check these two shops at Times Square today, I might have better luck if I check the shops at Windsor House after work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find one which has a couple left in stock. *crosses fingers*
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Hurrah! A free day for me today...but not exactly a day of relaxation from academia since a) the toes on my left foot have decided to swell up thus making it almost impossible to walk comfortably or put on shoes (I tried and accordingly suffered by doing so yesterday since it just made them more swollen) and b) the joint in my right wrist seems to have been sprained or something since I can feel a twinge of pain from time to time even as I type. Why, oh why, has my body decided to give me a heck of a lot of problems since the end of 2009? *sigh*

Some annoying person has kind of stolen one of my fave userpics (my past default one which has a bearded TA gazing intensely at the camera) and used it in their blog without crediting me. Though I'm glad that they appreciate him as much as I do, it kind of pissed me off since I did make them myself and sort of for my own use. I'm probably feeling irrationally over-protective (they aren't my pictures, after all) but still...GRRRR...hence the change of default user pic to the one I'm using now which I made a year ago when my opera obsession had only just started. When I made it, there didn't seem anything special about it but now that I look back, the La Scala Don Giovanni icons are actually quite pretty =) I guess that since I'm talking about this point now, I might as well announce: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY ICONS!!! And if you really want them, at least INFORM or CREDIT me before you decide to use them! That also goes for my mood theme.

I really want to go to see Cosi fan tutte at Covent Garden in September but again, HKU is messing up my plans since the term starts at the beginning of September. I have no idea at the moment how to work that out. TA's also doing Cosi in Munich in July, a time when I'll definitely be free and on vacation but seriously, will I be able to manage in Germany when my German is almost non-existent? Plus I have no idea what this production looks like, I know the ROH production much better. But I'll think about that...I might try going to Germany instead if I can't make it to London in September. O_O

HKU has also decided to mess up an opportunity to meet my fellow Allen affectionados in April in London since the deadlines and lectures simply clash with the performance dates...and this is the second time it has foiled a meeting with them. *grumbles* If I was going to Durham instead of HKU, the term wouldn't start until October...thus making going to see Cosi much more easier. *sigh* Out of all the goals I've set for myself, I'm definitely saying to myself that I MUST see TA as Don Alfonso since he is known foremost as a Mozartian and that sadly, I'll never be able to see him in his other celebrated Mozart roles, i.e. Don Giovanni, Count Almaviva, Papageno and Guglielmo for obvious reasons. Probably if I were given a choice to have him play a character that he used to play in the past now, I'd choose the Count. Of course it's a hard choice between the Don and the Count but I must say the latter is more of a favourite for me. To see that live would be fantastic.

The history course I was writing about yesterday did not disappoint. It's definitely the most interesting of courses of this semester and I'm looking forward to the forthcoming lectures...I might actually choose the topic for a dissertation and investigate the sanitary and medical conditions of 19th/early 20th Century Hong Kong and relate them to the Volunteer Corps stationed here or something. Or even see how the British/Canadian POWs managed to keep disease at bay during their internment during WWII. I'm also beginning to think that I might choose the professor as my supervisor as well since he's probably the expert here for such things.

On the other hand, the compulsory science and technology course which came right after the history lecture was simply the most boring lecture in the history of lecture-giving ever. It was all about ENERGY and to have all those various examples of energy (kinetic, electric, potential, renewable etc, etc) just explained to us one after another for TWO hours straight was almost unbearable. Some actually left after the first hour and I was sorely tempted to do the same but being the polite person I am, stayed on...hoping perhaps that the second half was better. It wasn't (even GCSE science was far more interesting) and I'm really wondering how on earth will I be able to sit through the remaining lectures until the end of term. -___-
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Yay, LJ is finally working on my new laptop (yeah, I got a new one recently although I kinda messed it up and broke like a corner of it when the stupid strap on the laptop bag suddenly decided to break off at one end, sending my laptop hurtling towards the floor with a bang -___-;). Haha, you should have seen my mum's face when she saw the broken pieces of the laptop cover. Not good. Anyways, thankfully there was nothing wrong with the laptop on the inside and now it's nearly good as new since I used this special glue to stick back the parts.

I just hope I don't have to eat my words of optimism or I'm v.v.v. screwed. O___o

Hmm, I've recently got addicted to Stephen Fry's 'QI', a comedy quiz show...his German impersonation of a person going bonkers over his lost phone is hilarious while the voice he used to announce 'Hello and welcome to the BAFTAs' was also extremely funny (it's all on the short 'Mein Handy' clip on Youtube). I'm starting to think that he's become another favourite person of mine...he's utterly fantastic in almost everything he does...

But that doesn't mean that my interest in TA is one can see from my new's him as Marcello in Puccini's 'La boheme' which I watched a little bit of last night. It was only an excerpt and he was only onscreen for only a few moments but my god, and I'll say this again, he can act extremely well! (I think I went a little crazy over it and even uploaded the clip on Youtube...great. XD)

Yesterday I finished this horrendously annoying history essay on the French Revolution...never has writing a 2500 word essay been so terribly difficult. I mean, the subject/topic was obviously not difficult but my god, the process of racking my brains to work was tiring. I was appalled by the fact that I couldn't remember or messed up so many words/spellings during my writing and relied on the word/spell check to rectify the situation. Geez, I even mispelled 'observation' and for the life of me, couldn't correct it properly by myself. It's insane...damn HKU...I think the local student population is starting to have an extremely adverse effect on my writing/thinking skills and it's really ANNOYING me...

Edit: WTF?! Moments after posting this, I realised I mispelled even my favourite baritone's name in the tags section. OMFG...*smashes head on desk* @______@


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