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Came across a 'summary' of that dreaded POTO film on Tumblr and found the following exchange hilariously funny. Despite it being written as a summary of the film, it might as well apply to the stage musical.

FIRMIN: Whoa, check out the blonde with the headlights.


FIRMIN: Oh. Well, what about the hot brunette?

MADAME GIRY: Zhe es LAIK mah dottair.

ANDRE: Hey, we’re all French, right?

FIRMIN: Last time I checked, yes.

ANDRE: Well, then why is she the only one with a French accent?

Lol, I love Firmin and Andre...oh, and Madame Giry too (the one in the original musical and not that horrible sequel in which she transforms into a creepy Mrs Danvers type).
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The Duke of Wellington and Sir Robert Peel, 1844 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Interesting piece of Wellington-related info I learned today: though Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) is rightly credited as the person who was responsible for the creation of the modern police force, he was supported by the Duke of Wellington who was Prime Minister at the time and helped get the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 passed in Parliament. Also for those who find these random bits of trivia interesting: the British slang bobbies and peelers for police were derived naturally from Sir Robert Peel's name.
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The HK Observatory expected a full blown typhoon to hit us this morning but after getting up it's obvious that they've got their estimates utterly wrong. Despite the fact that it's still raining, it's got considerably cooler (to 24 C) and there's still a Typhoon Signal No. 3 hoisted...there is no typhoon here at all! In fact, it seems that instead of heading towards us, it's appeared to have changed its mind and decided to go in the opposite direction. Interesting.

And I was kinda hoping there was going to be one...*sigh* It would have given a whole new angle of excitement to my rather boring Reading Week which is nearly over, alas.
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I think there's only one band in the world which would ever make me want to go back to past...Queen, esp. so when it happens that the title of this question comes from the Queen song, 'Killer Queen.' XDDD Hurrah for the late 1970s and 1980s!
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Hmm...early childhood memories all seem a jumble to me like flashbacks in a distinctly muddled order. I can remember various things but can't quite place them in chronological order. The most vivid and possibly earliest memory is one where I being pulled along by my mum from kindergarten (it was Wembley, if you wanted to know the name XD) to Cityplaza (yes, the very same shopping mall in Tai Koo) since we were in a hurry to meet her aunt and we were, as usual, already quite late. I think this was on a late summer afternoon (or perhaps late spring) and as I was being tugged along, I tripped and grazed my knee pretty badly on the pavement. I can't have been more than 3 or 4 years old at the time but I do remember it bleeding badly enough so that my mum had to go to a hair salon nearby (which she often frequented) and ask for a bandage or something.

And all this didn't quite help matters between my mum and her aunt, the latter of whom was pretty annoyed, I think while my mother herself was pretty furious that I had injured myself. She wasn't angry at me, by the way, she was probably more angry with her aunt who as I recall wasn't particularly sympathetic to the news that I had grazed my knee as a result of this mad rush to see her.

Another random childhood memory I have is of me locking myself in my room around the same time because I didn't want to play with my cousin who was a year younger than me and had visited us in Hong Kong. I remember holding this plastic ball in my arms and stubbornly ignoring my mother's entreaties on the other side of the door and my cousin's's kind of embarrassing remembering all this (God, it was just a effing *ball*, you silly girl!) but I have the feeling that I found my cousin annoying and wasn't used to sharing my things with someone who I had basically just met a few days before. And to be honest, even 16 or 17 years on, I don't think we still have anything much in common despite the fact that I'm only a year older than she is!
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I'm noticing more and more recently that though actors can play characters who are great friends in one book/series/film, they can also play each other's enemies in another...take the example of David Suchet and Hugh Fraser who play the fantastic duo of Poirot and Hastings in the television series...

...but play both Napoleon and Wellington respectively (though in two totally different films, I have to say!) who as we all know were historically enemies:

[They also look eerily similar to the real life historical people they were portraying...O_O]

As Hercule Poirot would say: 'Interesting. Very interesting.'
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Found this poster the other day and I think it's simply fantastic (can you believe it was actually made in 1939 as a British propaganda poster in preparation for WWII?!)...XD

Great to put up on your bedroom wall esp. if you're having a bad day, methinks.
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I know promoting environmentally friendly actions are great and all but I doubt the policy in the canteens at HKU will do any good in encouraging people to do just that. Came across a poster which basically said that anyone who brings their own lunchbox to take away their lunch in will be offered a free soft drink. However, it was the really small fine print in brackets underneath this which made me shake my head: 'Please bring your own cup when redeeming the drink'.

I doubt whether the students at HKU will do that just to get a free drink. *raises brow*
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Been seeing a lot of macros these days and finally found out how people created them...started out with some random picture on the site and funnily enough it came up with Washington crossing the Delaware and so here are some history-related macros and some not so history-related ones. Sorry couldn't resist...XD

Utter randomness... )

What mail?

Aug. 16th, 2009 12:02 am
almaviva90: (thoughtful TA) a notification thing in the mail that there's a DHL Express shipment delivered to me and that they tried to deliver it but no one was at home...

While I love getting mail and packages from overseas...who the f--- would use expensive (I think) DHL to send me something? And I have no idea where or who it's from. It might be from Durham since I know they'll be sending all those visa letter things but last time they did that, they didn't use DHL. 

And I don't know who the hell would be sending me packages...

Ah, it's gonna be a long wait till Monday XD

EDIT: I used the Tracking system on the DHL website and input the random registration number. It's scary how it has every bloody detail of the travel/shipping itinerary on the site (like how it moved from one place to another till it got here). I definitely think it's from Durham if it's been sent from Newcastle (I'm assuming there's no DHL office in Durham...-__-)...the journey is interesting though: Newcastle --> East Midlands --> Leipzig, Germany --> Hong Kong. So this package has been through three different countries...hurrah, lol. 
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After a lot of nudging and mentioning from [profile] x_reggg  to watch Hetalia, I finally made myself watch the first three episodes.

I can see why it's good for sparking more interest in history but I dunno...the Japanese voice acting and the overly cute baby versions of the countries annoy me. And Italy being portrayed as nothing more than a guy obsessed with pasta and pizza and is an utter coward is too much of a stereotype for my comfort zone. (That is kinda the point of the series, I know but do they have to go that far? And okay, maybe my exposure to Italian after repeated viewings/listenings to opera have made me like Italy more than I used to...) I do like Germany the best, I think though.

I guess I'll never be into anime as my friends are though I can see why they like it! XD

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Yeah, I'm so bored, I'm posting a random lists of favourite things...

Favourite author: Ooh...difficult. It's a hard choice between Austen and Ishiguro but I'll say Kazuo Ishiguro.
Favourite playwright: Oscar Wilde.
Favourite historian: Andrew Roberts. (An excellent historian who has a fine writing style and sense of humour)
Favourite novel: The Remains of the Day...of course, Austen's P&P and S&S come v.v.v. close.
Favourite history book: Again, a difficult choice. Either Wellington: A Personal History by Christopher Hibbert or Napoleon and Wellington by Andrew Roberts.
Favourite historical figure: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.
Favourite autobiographical work: Blessings in Disguise by Sir Alec Guinness and Foreign Parts: A Singer's Journal by Sir Thomas Allen.
Favourite historical period: Modern European...c. 1789 - 1945, esp. the Napoleonic and Regency Eras.
Favourite singer: Sir Thomas Allen...obviously.
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite vocal/singing range: BARITONE...oh, and mezzo-soprano for women. I cringe most of the time when I hear tenors although some are very talented.
Favourite musical instrument: Cello...and perhaps the flute, piano and oboe.
Favourite composer: W.A. Mozart.
Favourite opera: Hmm...I think I'll choose Le nozze di Figaro.
Favourite song from an opera: Gah...too many to choose from. But I'm really fond of the 'Papageno/Papagena' final duet from Die Zauberflote; it's always very uplifting and cheerful.
Favourite opera overture: The overture from Cosi fan tutte
Favourite TA role: Gah...he's good in ALL of them. But I particularly love Count Almaviva, Papageno and Guglielmo (my goodness, all from Mozart operas)
Favourite actor: Oh, god...TOO many to choose from. I like Sir Anthony Hopkins immensely though
Favourite Sherlock Holmes: As if there could be any other...Jeremy Brett!
Favourite Dr Watson: The fantastic David Burke.
Favourite film: I think...Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Favourite comedy: Blackadder...although Fawlty Towers and A Bit of Fry and Laurie are great as well.
Favourite comedian: Stephen Fry
Favourite artist: Sir Thomas Lawrence and John Singer Sargent.
Favourite musical: My Fair Lady
Favourite song from a musical: If I Loved You from Carousel

Can't think of anything else at the moment...

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I KNEW I was weird...

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Can I say I hate writing English essays? Especially ones that take waaaaay too long to write?

Gah, okay...maybe it could be worse. I could be writing about something which totally uninteresting and pointless...but seriously, writing the words 'fate', 'Tess', 'Macbeth', 'however', 'arguable' and etc gets tiring/annoying after 5 hours.

It would be so nice if I could just state my argument in like 500 words and get the message across rather than wracking me brains to extend my thesis with a ton of quotes, etc. *sigh*

I don't want to go to school annoying. Can't I just study at home and come in for the exams? XD

Lol, it was my 19th birthday on Saturday...was surprised by the messages on my facebook (I thought most had forgotten/didn't give a damn...)
I certainly don't feel any different though from when I was 18 XD

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OMG...I think I'm seriously thinking about getting vocal lessons now...and focusing on opera songs, etc?

Am I crazy? I CAN sing but not in the way that is required for opera-related stuff? OTZ (Yes, you can blame my TA/opera obsession for this XD)

And the funny thing is that my mum is strangely enthusiastic about this idea...
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Okay...random post but I found a recent photo of Thomas Allen (very recent, seeing that it was taken on 8th February AND in Durham) and went absolutely bonkers over it since I haven't seen a recent picture of him in AGES as well as the fact that it's an excellent shot of his profile. I also note that he still has very good dress sense at his age plus thankfully he isn't greying/aging too quickly =)

And yes, I know...that's his usual face/expression when he's in the middle of singing...his serious expression/way of standing, etc reminds me of a choir boy or something XD

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Just listened to all of Thomas Allen as Valentin in Gounod's 'Faust'...gosh, his voice back then in 1979 was gorgeously powerful (not to say that it isn't now but damn, it was like v.v. powerful back in '79) and his higher notes were achieved with sublime ease and grace.

That reminds me that he played Pelleas round 1978 to 1980 something...and that requires a LOT of high notes for a baritone playing that role. Just makes me wish more and more that there was some sort of recording of his Pelleas -- he would be absolutely outstanding.

Okay...brain, stop making me go bonkers over this baritone...poor man, having an obsessive fan like me and making me totally forget about Placido Domingo who was singing Faust opposite him!

Also, I've been enjoying an excellent modern version recently of William Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night' on DVD...I think 'Twelfth Night' is quickly becoming my favourite Shakespearean comedy although 'Much Ado About Nothing' is still a favourite.

Oooh...and 'Valkrie' is coming out soon in HK...and even though I don't particularly like Tom Cruise, I'm quite interested in seeing it.
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Right, here are the answers to the quiz I posted up the other day if anyone wants to see them, lol.

And yes, I know. I listen to really bizarre music...XD

1. "When I was a young man courting the girls
     I played me a waiting game."
-September Song by Kurt Weill (Thomas Allen)

2. "Zitto, lascia ch’io senta! Ottimamente: dunque
     dobbiam ucciderlo?"
-Don Giovanni, Recitativo: Zitto, Lascia ch'io senta!/Ahi, ahi! La Testa Mia! (Thomas Allen)

3. "Staying home, living day by day
    May be safe but it can't be duller"
-Out There from the musical Barnum (Michael Crawford)

4. "It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
    When I try to explain how I feel
    That I still need your love after all that I've done"
-Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Sarah Brightman

5."Non più andrai, farfallone amoroso,           
     Notte e giorno d'intorno girando"
-Non piu andrai from "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart (Thomas Allen)

6. "It's rather dull in town, I think I'll take me to Paree.
    The mistress wants to open up
    The castle in Capri.
    Me doctor recommends a quiet summer by the sea"
-Wouldn't it be lovely (from My Fair Lady)

7. "I don't expect my love affairs to last for long
      Never fool myself that my dreams will come true
      Being used to trouble I anticipate it
      But all the same I hate it -- wouldn't you?"
-    Another Suitcase in Another Hall (Sarah Brightman)

8.  "He thinks that man is me
      He knew him at a glance!
      That stranger he has found
      This man could be my chance!"
-Who Am I? (from Les Miserables)

9.   "Someone to hold you too close
       Someone to hurt you too deep
       Someone to sit in your chair
       To ruin your sleep"
-Being Alive from "Company" (Anthony Warlow)

10.  "You seem unhappy, my beloved
         As if there is something on your mind.
         Confide in me."
-You have my love and my devotion from Tchaikovsky's "The Queen of Spades" (Thomas Allen)

11. "Don't write a letter when you want to leave
       Don't call me at 3 a.m. from a friend's apartment"
-Tell Me on a Sunday (Michael Crawford)

12. "I don't know what I'm supposed to say
      When now suddenly you feel so far away"
-Symphony (Sarah Brightman)

13.   "Ambling madly all over the town
        The call to arms you liken to a whisper,
        I liken to a radio."
-The Soldiering Life (The Decemberists)

14.  "Lights go out and I can’t be saved
       Tides that I tried to swim against
       Brought me down upon my knees
       Oh I beg, I beg and plead"
-Clocks (Coldplay)

15.  "Come stop your crying
        It will be all right
       Just take my hand
       Hold it tight"
-You'll be in My Heart (Michael Crawford)

16. "The winter here’s cold, and bitter
       It’s chilled us to the bone
       We haven’t seen the sun for weeks
       Too long, too far from home"
-Full of Grace (Sarah McLachlan)

17.   "In sleep he sang to me,
         In dreams he came.
         That voice which calls to me,
         And speaks my name."
-The Phantom of the Opera (Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford)

18.   "Bring out the old, bring in the new
        A midnight wish to share with you
        Your lips are warm, my head is light,
        Were we in love before tonight?"
-The Perfect Year (Sarah Brightman)

19.   "The wounds on your hands never seem to heal
         I thought all I needed was to believe"
-Forbidden Colours (David Sylvian)

20.    "She said to me, "Go steady on me.
         Won't you tell me what the Wise Men said?"
-Wisemen (James Blunt)

21.     "To dream the impossible dream,
           To the unbeatable foe,
           To bear with unbearable sorrow
           To run where the brave dare not go"
-The Impossible Dream (Peter O' Toole)

22.     "When I was a young boy I tried to listen
           And I wanna feel like that,
           Little white shadows blink and miss them
           Part of a system, I am"
-White Shadows (Coldplay)

23.     "Simone, you're getting older.
           Your journey's been etched on your skin."
-1973 (James Blunt)    

24.    "Night time sharpens, heigthens each sensation.
         Darkness stirs and wakes imagination."
The Music of the Night (Michael Crawford)

25.   "Near Banbridge town, in the County Down
         One morning in July
         Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen
         And she smiled as she passed me by."
-The Star of the County Down (Thomas Allen)

26.   "I have never felt like this
        For once I'm lost for words
       Your smile has really thrown me"
-Unexpected Song (Sarah Brightman)

27.  "Hunt for the man
       Comb the city, every street, every grate
       You put a guard at every gate
       Drag him out, shout the moment that you find him!"
-Falcon in the Dive (Terry Mann)

28.  "It's made up of lonely moments
       There was always a moment there when I knew
       You always gave instalments
       Always knew you concentrated and grew"
-Pride (Syntax)

29.  "No more talk of darkness
       Forget these wild-eyed fears!"
-All I Ask of You (Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman)

30. "Somewhere there's another land,
       Different from this world below.
       Far more mercifully planned
       Than the cruel place we know."
-The Land of Might-Have Been (Jeremy Northam)


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