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I think there's only one band in the world which would ever make me want to go back to past...Queen, esp. so when it happens that the title of this question comes from the Queen song, 'Killer Queen.' XDDD Hurrah for the late 1970s and 1980s!
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Just had a lecture on popular music during the 1960s-80s and was pleased to see (if only for a moment) a mention of Queen on the Powerpoint.

Oh dear, I'm getting a little too into this band...not to mention I nearly listen to them everyday nowadays...
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Been seeing a lot of macros these days and finally found out how people created them...started out with some random picture on the site and funnily enough it came up with Washington crossing the Delaware and so here are some history-related macros and some not so history-related ones. Sorry couldn't resist...XD

Utter randomness... )
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If I start laughing upon seeing the following picture after finding out that Queen was featured in a Lego game; that means I'm definitely a fan of the band by now.

They've certainly got Brian May's hair right (I did read that he asked the developers to specifically include his trademark hairstyle), Roger Taylor looks fine and you are reminded of Freddie Mercury (though methinks the moustache is a bit too big) but alas, what is up with John Deacon's character? It doesn't look anything like him at fact, it sadly looks more like a woman than the great bass guitarist.

However, they do remind you of the real guys here though more or less!


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