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Came across a 'summary' of that dreaded POTO film on Tumblr and found the following exchange hilariously funny. Despite it being written as a summary of the film, it might as well apply to the stage musical.

FIRMIN: Whoa, check out the blonde with the headlights.


FIRMIN: Oh. Well, what about the hot brunette?

MADAME GIRY: Zhe es LAIK mah dottair.

ANDRE: Hey, we’re all French, right?

FIRMIN: Last time I checked, yes.

ANDRE: Well, then why is she the only one with a French accent?

Lol, I love Firmin and Andre...oh, and Madame Giry too (the one in the original musical and not that horrible sequel in which she transforms into a creepy Mrs Danvers type).
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I think I've added a new obsession to my list: Reading and watching A LOT of Agatha Christie's Poirot.

Gah, what the heck is wrong with me?

Plus I also think my Phantom interest is returning to me as well...and it's all because of that damn sequel...-___-

Ah well, I might get back to writing my POTO fanfiction then which I've left for quite a long while.

On another note I've realised that we do actually have Easter holidays at HKU next month though only for about a week.

Damn, if only they were longer and that would give me ample time to go over to London and see Il turco in Italia with TA as well as meet my fellow TA fans/friends. Grrr...*swears that this is the umpteenth time that she's hated HKU for meddling with her schedule*

If I don't see Cosi in September, I'll be so annoyed -___-
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Well, after several clueless moments reading a tutorial on the net and making sense of abstract things like layers, alpha colours, brushes, etc... I finally made a Photoshop like manipulation of a Sherlock Holmes screencap...

Going from this...

To this...

So I'm pretty satisfied with the result...being the clueless Photoshop/GIMP novice that I am...

Hahahaha...and I was only able to finish this at 6.40 am on a Sunday morning when I should have been finishing off my Ecobus and History coursework...

EDIT: It's now 8:05pm and I've made a couple of things since my first attempt at GIMP...(and the coursework situation isn't resolved yet but I'm working on it. Thank goodness History is due on Wednesday...although I better let Ms Mathieson have a final look at it before I submit it for good...and Ecobus, I just have to add a short section with graphs and stats and explain them. No

The fruits of my labours so far with GIMP...

Note that this Sarah Brightman desktop design is derived entirely from here and that talented graphic artist. I only tried my hand at it and added the random music notes, name, etc with brushes from that site:

Two SH and one POTO...


Apr. 8th, 2008 02:32 pm
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Lol...still can't get over the fact that I might be going to Sydney and see Phantom in July! *grins broadly* And [profile] richrose0107was obviously delighted as I was (mostly because she just wants to see the pictures...hahaha) And it really is a race as to who can see Phantom first...she wants to go to Broadway and I seriously want to see it in London mostly since it was technically there in 1986 that POTO first much history...*sigh*

Grr...just a short note of realisation...was just browsing through the famous HEAP guide to Degree Course Offers in the UK [2008 edition] in the Careers centre today and realised that while Cambridge had an average of 4 people competing for one History place, Oxford had a 39% success rate (come on, NINE people for one place as in my chosen Oxford college to FOUR people at God, I should have applied to Cambridge instead based on that record had I known of it earlier!). And both surprisingly and not so surprisingly, Durham had an average of FIFTEEN people competing for ONE History I guess I should consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate in this light of =D

almaviva90: (Default) mum seems so excited about our planned 5 day holiday to Sydney in July after my exams...and if all works out and there are no hitches in the coming months, we'll be staying in Sydney for a while during the holidays. I'm extremely looking forward to it since I haven't been abroad in literally YEARS...let's count like nearly a decade regarding how many years I've been stuck here in HK. -__-

I really wonder what Australia will be like but everyone says (including MC) that it's a fantastic, beautiful place so I guess it'll be enjoyable. It's funny that I haven't even started exam leave yet and we're already planning what we'll hopefully be doing after my whatever and moving on...

And by coincidence, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is touring in Sydney from May 11 to July 20...!!! So, I might be finally getting my first taste of the stage musical first hand after nearly 2 years of being in the 'phandom'...=D Plus I checked out the distance from the hotel we plan to stay at to the theatre and it's approximately only 6 minutes by car...yay! Anthony Warlow (original Australian Phantom) will hopefully be still touring and playing the Phantom...he's not MC but he's quite good, I think...and any stage Phantom is better than being stuck with images of a certain movie Phantom groping the heroine...*shivers* [well, any stage Phantom APART from Colm Wilkinson, who was a great Jean Valjean in Les Mis but was not my cup of tea when he played the Phantom]

Haha, to imagine the look on [profile] richrose0107's face if she found out about this...and the possibility of me seeing Phantom on stage first...! [laughs in crazy, manic manner of MC's Phantom on the Original Cast Recording during the All I Ask of You (Reprise)]
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Gah, this person is soooo lucky...she won one of MC's shirts worn during one of his Phantom runs at an auction and she posted a pic...

And yes, that IS MC's autograph near the collar(!) *sighs* feels as if it would be sooo easy to just reach out and touch it. I can just imagine the texture of the shirt. *friends back away at her disturbing comment*

And someone else got one of the half-masks he wore on Broadway...damn it! Why do these people get all the luck?!

Anyways, apart from that....history individual assignment will be done tomorrow. Sent a draft to Mrs Mathieson and she said that I did a good job and advised me to remember as much as I can and get a good night's sleep. Right...I'll do that as soon as I finish the notes and appendix, lol, which are 3/4 of the way finished! XD Well, at least now I know that I'm on track and didn't ramble on about irrelevant things...that is the nightmare of a history student, to put all that effort into answering a question and realising that you rambled on about something for minutes on end that wasn't related to the question!

K...and cooking will be done too. Hopefully, I'll still have my history info intact in my brain after trying to cook something for my fellow friends.


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