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I finally have an iPod Touch! Yeah, after years of unintentionally 'boycotting' Apple goods, I've finally given in. Stephen Fry would no doubt be proud. XDD

And it's all due to my mum going round the shops of Windsor House asking for it that she finally got one for me while I was at work doing my internship. She tried two without luck and managed to get one at the third shop she went to and it seems to be that she also got the last one left...O_O

Just trying to figure out what the heck to do with it at the moment though...I'm going to have to download iTunes first it seems...and then I'll just go from there...
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Why is it always when you want to get something, somehow about 80% of the time, it's not there and when you really don't want it, it almost seems to be everywhere? Whether it be a book, a CD, a DVD, clothes or whatever, it's rather frustrating to face a situation when you've saved up enough money or time, etc to buy something and then be told that it's sold out or out of stock or no longer available.

I'm annoyed because I've finally got the chance to get an iPod Touch since my Creative Zen is really doing odd things now and running of battery fast despite a full charge nearly everyday. Alas, I've seemed to have also found my chance at the wrong time since it's coincided with the new generation of iPod Touch coming out (the fourth, I think) and as a result every single Broadway or Fortress no longer have them since it seems like everyone in HK decided to storm the shops and horde them all. And apparently, they have no idea when they'll be getting another shipment. And I'm not even picky as to which one I'll be getting (the older version is seriously fine with me...I mean, who the heck needs a camera on an iPod when you already have one on your mobile phone?!).

Grrrr...well, since I only had the chance to check these two shops at Times Square today, I might have better luck if I check the shops at Windsor House after work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find one which has a couple left in stock. *crosses fingers*
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After months of indecision on whether I should get the iPod Touch or the Nokia E71, I finally decided on getting the latter yesterday.

So far it's great though probably I haven't figured out even half of what the phone is capable of yet...can I say that this phone has waaay too many features? (Not that I'm complaining though...XDDD)
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Great...this has been stuck in my head for the past two days embarrassing...

But I must admit it's a great way of remembering the wives of Henry VIII...XDD
Loathsome Lyrics...XD )

Non-related history question: Which one do you think I should get? The iPod Touch or the Nokia E71? I just figured that I think it's best to just get one instead of two...

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Hmm...I'm probably going to finally get a new phone and MP3 player in the next month or so seeing that both have decided not to function as well as they used to. My phone is really getting messed up won't detect incoming calls sometimes even when it's been on for hours on end. Probably going to give both my phone and MP3 player a complete makeover; I'm going to switch from my Sony Ericsson to a Nokia E71 while I'm going to give into the iPod trend by swapping my Creative Zen to an iPod Touch (which I'm kind of being forced to do seeing that none of the shops here sell Creative products anymore -____-)

I simply can't wait till next month (since that's also probably when my damn book is going to finally arrive)!
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I might get a iPod Touch after all. Not really a matter of voluntarily choosing it over the others, it's more of a matter of every damn electronics store in Causeway not having Creative products on sale anymore. *sigh* So I can't get the Creative Zen Xi-Fi 2 since they don't obviously sell them. Ah good thing is that iPods are getting more affordable these days (compared to what they were before a few years ago) and HKD 2288 for a 32GB model sounds pretty good to me. Plus I found out that the 3rd generation model have built-in speakers as well as a voice recorder (always useful for me) so that's a good thing. Hopefully I'll get it for my birthday but don't know yet. I know it's better for me to chip in at least since I am the one who'll be using it all the time...

Gah, I'll be 20 in a week (pretty scary) and wondering what I'm going to do over reading week which starts this week. Obviously I have to go to a make up lecture on Tuesday since we missed one class due to the prof getting ill while on Thursday, I have to give in this reading assignment for another history class. Oh, and I have get to thinking about what topics to do for my history essays since the deadlines are coming pretty soon. Yup, seems like I have LOTS to think about over reading week...I just hope that my mind stays focused and not randomly veer off to do useless stuff like playing computer games...XDDD
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Although I probably won't be able to buy a new mp3 player at this very minute, it doesn't hurt to contemplate one's options, I guess. At the moment, I'm trying to decide whether to stick to my trusty old friend Creative by getting the Creative X-Fi 2 ( or give in to the ipod/Apple craze which everyone goes on about with the iPod Touch.

One thing I like about Creative is that they're usually break-resistant, the sound quality is pretty good and even dropping it a couple of times by accident doesn't seem to do anything to it. Plus they can play WMA files which the iPod can't (unless you convert WMA to MP3) which is sort of a problem since every time I rip music from CDs, Windows Media Player just converts them into WMAs and I seriously do not want to convert a large part of my music library from WMA to MP3. iTunes also gives me some misgivings since EVERYTHING has to be transferred/organised via the program.

On the other hand, the iPod Touch is admittedly very cool and can access the internet. But I'm not sure how long the battery life lasts on average (Creative players last perhaps for 2 and a half years?) the real lack of alternative video formats to play (only MP4, mov and some other rather obscure formats [to me, at least]) is concerning me since a lot of my videos are either in WMV and AVI. I know I can convert them but seriously, do I seem to want to convert nearly everything (music and video) just for the sake of getting them to play on the iPod? Also does anyone know how good the sound quality is on the iPod and how does it stand to the occasional 'abuse' of getting accidentally dropped on the floor? XDDD


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