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Gah, why the hell do I have to get a cold now?! I'm sniffling all over the place and my nose is running like a bloody water tap. I'm taking these cold and flu hot remedies which my mum fortunately stuffed into my luggage before I left Hong Kong and they've helped somewhat since I kind of feel better than yesterday but I'm still sneezing and sniffling which is rather annoying and which is also the reason why I didn't go to the archives today. Don't think the people at the archives would appreciate me sneezing all over their precious documents *shudders*

Fingers crossed that I'll get this little cold under control. Bought some green tea (by Twinings too...I've never tried green tea from Twinings) which has helped me in the past with colds - I think I even cured myself once of a cold by just continually drinking green tea a few years ago - so hopefully it'll work this time as well!

Night's falling and the air is filled with anxious anticipation as to what tonight will bring in terms of the riots. It's eerily like a war zone or the feeling you get when you're just about to go over the top in the FIrst World War. Hopefully all this mindless violence will go away soon. The Londoners are having a pretty rough go of the it at the moment.
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Just realised that it's only one month until I see/hear Sir Tom (and Flott) live at last! The 6th of August will be a bit hectic since [ profile] enserric will be moving houses that day but hopefully everything will go without a hitch *crosses fingers* and then we can proceed to sightseeing about Cambridge the following day.

And also I think that nearly all of my recent LJ entries are related to HP. I really must stop fangirling over HP now until I actually get to see the final film next week (which is also when I leave for London *le gasp*). Oh, tension and nervousness galore. 
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About 3 weeks until I leave for London...the tension and excitement is beginning to build up!

And also three weeks until HP7 Part 2 comes out! Only one thing is on my mind regarding that film...SNAPE.
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Finally...after getting freaked out last night by the fact that the rooms available during the time I'm staying at Orient House had decreased from 10 to 6 in one day, I managed to finally book a room yesterday. Will be staying a total of 32 nights, I think. The rate per night was £39.06 though since the total was over £700, I got a 10% discount from the overall cost so it ended up costing £1125 which is a pretty good price. The room is a single ensuite one and there are some self-catering facilities available so I think it's worth the price.

Now that my flights and accommodation are now sorted, I have to start thinking about where I'll be going on my free days (12 days in all *sighs for more*). Oooh, and whether it's better to get a VisitBritain International SIM card before I leave HK which has £25 credit on it or just going to a shop and buying a rechargable SIM when I get to London though I'm thinking that I'm probably not going to spend a lot of time on the phone. Also what the hell is the difference between an Oyster Card and a Visitor Oyster Card? The second one just differs from the first in the sense that you can get it before you leave and it has a picture of the Houses of Parliament or Big Ben printed on it...

Ah, my brain hurts...
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LONDON...ooh, and probably the rest of the UK, e.g. Durham, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, perhaps also Scotland too. I'd go mental going round all the museums (I simply have to go to Apsley House and the Royal Opera House), theatres, sites, cathedrals, second hand bookshops (people are probably going to go 'WTF?' at the last place) etc. Then a massive book/souvenir shopping spree will ensue methinks. XDDD

I'd probably take my mum but she's technically more like family though I would really consider her my friend too. I'd go with [ profile] enserric but I'm not sure how that will work seeing that she's already in the UK!


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