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Well, there I've gone and done it at last...I've finally set up a LJ community for Hugh Fraser. My fangirling over this fellow really must cease although I think that might be a little difficult seeing that he is Hugh Fraser who you simply *cannot* prevent yourself from fangirling over, especially after watching him as Hastings in Poirot among other things.

But whatever, I'm happy so that should be fine by me. :)
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Just checked the mail this morning and guess what, Hugh Fraser very kindly sent me his autograph.


No letter of course (I mean, who is going to seriously reply to my huge essay-long letter? I already give kudos to them for actually being able to bear through it and read it) but it was so sweet of him all the same to take the time to send me an autographed photo (along with his best wishes) all the way from London.

I nearly said Captain Hastings/Wellington sent me an autograph to tell the truth (which they can't really since they're either fictional or not living) but you know what I mean since he *is* both of them at least on screen.

*grins crazily despite herself*
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Well, it's been a while since I've posted on LJ and what with work, fanfic writing and a surprising amount of stress, I'm not surprised that I haven't been on LJ that much. Anyways, I'm here now so that's definitely an improvement, methinks =D

A big day today...decided (and finally mustered up the courage after months of contemplation and hesitation) last week that I'd write to David Suchet and Hugh Fraser (a.k.a. Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings), thank them for their brilliant work on film and television and kinda ask them if they could be kind enough to grant my tiny request for their autographs. Therefore I had to rush down to the post office at Winsdor House in Causeway in the morning to send them off since Monday's the only day I'm free (and the post office is only open on Mondays to Saturdays). After a LOT of hassle with envelopes (my envelopes were waaay too small and had to buy a bigger one for Suchet's letter), finally slotted them into the 'Air' mail box at about 25 minutes past 12. I know I'm so immature to request their autographs...but OMG, they're Poirot and Hastings (who've been my obsessions over the past couple of months), for God's sake! And Fraser's also Wellington in the Sharpe I especially not avoid writing to him seeing that he's the best Wellington ever? I do hope they don't think me idiotic and be kind enough to grant my little request. *sinks on knees praying fervently* Nothing to do now but wait... *twiddles thumbs*

Anyways, that wasn't really the most important thing to be done today...the highlight of the day was meeting [ profile] enserric today! Hurrah! We haven't met up in over a year so it was absolutely fantastic to spend some quality time together today. We didn't really do much but chat and walk around what seemed nearly the whole of Causeway which was nonetheless damn tiring...and have lunch, some afternoon tea/coffee and dinner. Sounds utterly unexciting but we didn't mind it one bit...and my goodness, it's great to hang out with someone who knows exactly who you are and what your various fads and eccentricities are...the accents we were constantly changing and mimicking (which include Irish, Scottish, Russian, Swedish, Indian, posh British, American) were definitely a reminder of the great times we had at SIS. We had a ridiculous amount of fun mocking the name of a rather unfortunately named sports goods store at Windsor House...and even went to Toys R Us and did all kinds of silly things like having mock sword fights with foam swords, tossing this rather revolting silicon worm like toy which looked like a germ blown up to monstrous proportions and etc. I don't remember having quite so much fun in one day in quite a long time...ah, how socially lacking I am it seems!

Overall a tiring but bloody brilliant day. =DDDD
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WHAT. Is ITV seriously considering ending the Poirot series when we're only SIX episodes away from finishing the whole thing? I know that articles from The Sun should usually be taken with a pinch of salt but if this is true, I'm going to get very frustrated indeed.

However, I've just sent in an email to to ask them to will be such a bloody shame for the series to end just because of funding problems. Any help counts so please send in an email too if you have the time...don't let this turn into another Granada Sherlock Holmes where the definitive Holmes (Jeremy Brett) wasn't able to finish the least give the definitive Poirot (David Suchet) the chance to finish the series as it was meant to finished in the form of the last story of Curtain where Poirot and Hastings are reunited for the last time to solve a case.
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My book on Wellington finally arrived this afternoon...just a week after the other book arrived last Wednesday. It's not a hardcover as I thought it would be (the booksellers seem to be all wretchedly unclear as to whether the copies they have are paperback or hardback since both of them weirdly seem to have the ISBN number) but alas, what can one do? At least it's readable, that's the most important thing. Perhaps I'll try to get a hardback version next time.

Watched a couple of Poirot episodes last night...and goodness me, it was extremely entertaining to have refreshed my mind about these episodes. I nearly forgot how hilariously funny they were; with Hugh Fraser's Hastings as always stealing the show with his adorableness although really Hastings wouldn't be half as funny if David Suchet's Poirot wasn't there to complement him. There was one extremely amusing moment in the last episode of the first series (The Dream) where Poirot laments that his little grey cells might be deserting him:

Poirot: ...a sign that they are weakened by old age and the fast living.

Hastings: I wouldn't call your life exactly fast.

Poirot: Oh, not perhaps now, Hastings but in my youth?

Hastings stares at him in amazement.

Hastings [astounded]: Really? [Pause] Really?

Poirot shrugs.

Poirot: You see one pays to settle one's account.

Hastings [utterly disconcerted]: I say.

What else can I say? I love these two. =P
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The title of the post is pretty self-explantory but all right, I'll say it again: Happy birthday, Mr Fraser! =D

Yes, I'm officially now a great fan of this fellow if I've decided to post on my LJ just to celebrate his birthday (and I have to confess that I've also posted something in a Poirot community as well). But heck, he makes a fantastic Hastings and Wellington (two of my favourite characters ever on television) so I think he deserves a little post of his own.

And please, ITV, please, please, please make sure that you allow them to continue filming the Poirot series until the very end...there simply must be a reunion between Hugh Fraser's Hastings and David Suchet's Poirot in Curtain!
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What I find odd is that actors known for playing villains most of the time who sometimes play good guys or romantic leads don't really make an impact on me (in most cases, they make me totally root for them in the film XDD).  However, I've realised that watching an actor who you're used to seeing as a good guy play a villain/baddie is utterly bizarre.

Take the example of Alan Rickman who's basically the best and well-known onscreen villain ever (e.g. Hans Gruber and The Sheriff of Nottingham)...once he started playing Jamie in Truly Madly Deeply or Colonel Brandon () in Sense and Sensibility, he was instantly the one you liked and you didn't bat an eyelid as to how strange or unusual it is to see him play a totally different role to which he usually did.

I watched Patriot Games the other day (yes, the one with Harrison Ford and Sean Bean) and what I found so odd was seeing Hugh Fraser (who I confess was one of the reasons why I wanted to watch this film; the other was of course his Sharpe costar Sean Bean XD) playing a trusted British secretary to a peer who later turns out to be not so trustworthy and ends up betraying Ford and his employer. You see, I'm just so utterly used to his Captain Hastings in Poirot who is so utterly incapable of betraying or killing anyone in cold blood (seriously he even thinks looking through keyholes and reading other people's letters as 'not playing the game') so to see him do both these things was weird. Also seeing him basically being beaten up, roughly thrown against walls and down the stairs (the latter job is something that Hastings sometimes finds himself doing) and being shot in the knee by Harrison Ford was strange too. Also the fact that his character is accidentally killed by Sean Bean later on didn't help...I just ended up thinking: 'OMG, Sharpe has just shot and killed Wellington!'

It seems that these actors are just waaay too fixed in my mind in their particular roles for me to accept them as anything else XDDD
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I'm noticing more and more recently that though actors can play characters who are great friends in one book/series/film, they can also play each other's enemies in another...take the example of David Suchet and Hugh Fraser who play the fantastic duo of Poirot and Hastings in the television series...

...but play both Napoleon and Wellington respectively (though in two totally different films, I have to say!) who as we all know were historically enemies:

[They also look eerily similar to the real life historical people they were portraying...O_O]

As Hercule Poirot would say: 'Interesting. Very interesting.'
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A sign that you're newly obsessed with something is when you start ranting about how horribly some people draw the characters...

"Why is it the fate of Hercule Poirot to live among such philistines?" )
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one has a new obsession, one inevitably goes on an icon-making spree. Or at least, I do.

31 meagre offerings of Poirot/Hastings icons from various episodes but quite a few of them from The ABC Murders.

Please note that these are not to be used as bases and that credit will always be nice! =D

Order and method... )


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