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I've actually made it to Sunday after going to Taiwai two days in a row without collapsing or anything. Interesting.

But that doesn't exclude the fact that I did feel like I was going to have a cold earlier this morning before going to bed...hmm...

So...I've finally got a letter from the Arts Faculty about being presented with the first year history prize in a ceremony on 18th November and the letter (as usual with all HKU pretentiousness) has even asked me to invite my secondary school principal as well as a teacher. God, they're so full up of themselves...but then again, I AM hoping to see Ang Lee at HKU in a talk given on the 1st October. To tell the truth, the only reason I'm going to that event is that he directed 'Sense and Sensibility' and has worked with Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant. XDDD

But what to wear? Gah, and if I wear heels, my feet are seriously going to suffer. It's nice being offered a prize but the preparation and dressing up for the ceremony is always unnecessarily stressful. 
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Right...after a LONG delay between my long-time post about this history internship with my German history professor, I finally get the chance to apply for the darn thing. Apparently it's a project about the history of the trading company Jebsen (I've seen like the blue/white logo about Hong Kong sometimes) so it's pretty important, I guess.

So I have this briefing session with his assistant tomorrow and maybe an interview with the professor on Thursday afternoon. OMG. I hate doing interviews...I just get overly anxious and utterly fail the damn thing since I'm so over anxious and fail to answer the answer the question coherently.

I don't want to overdress for the interview...just smart casual, I think would be best. I've seen HK students really overdo it sometimes...we just had a class project presentation and one of my groupmates asked if we had to wear formal...OTZ.
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Finally feeling better after getting two days sickleave from uni...although I do still feel drowsy and my ears still feel as if they're blocked/muffled for some weird reason. -___-

Basically was ordered to stay home by my mum on Tues/Wed and I gladly obeyed since I was feeling very, very put out, etc...but at the moment, not too happy since it means that I missed this test for Fine Arts (made more complicated by the fact that the professor has to show us these Powerpoint slides as part of the test...I don't think he'll be in a sporting mood to spend his time out of class to show me these slides just because one person such as myself missed the damn test...-_____- oh, why, oh WHY did I have to get ill now?!) I hate getting ill since it makes a right mess of the order of things...and now I think I have to make a couple copies of the my sick-leave certificate and give a copy each to each subject I missed...that means like 5 different departments? XD And I had to give in this essay on Tuesday for European Studies but couldn't?! Does that mean I have to hand it in (late) anyway to the office (and randomly attach a copy of my sickleave cert on it? It would look so random, lol)

God, it would be waaay easier if I just did History and had only that specific department to worry about. =/

But there is some good news regarding uni/career related stuff. 1: the father of one of the kids I teach has offered me a 8 month long part-time job as a student assistant to help him correct the grammar, etc with his PhD student essays (he's a professor at the HK Polytechnic), and write a few research essays for him so that gives me some research experience plus a small salary of HKD 2880 per month for 18 hours of work per week. 2: my German history professor (yeah, the rather eccentric one) has asked me to meet him tomorrow because I said I was interested in helping the history department in research or something similar to one of his grad students. So yeah, I'm guessing that it isn't too bad...providing that I can manage to balance my workload!

And seriously, listening to Thomas Allen gets you to listening to music you've never dreamt you'll listen to the moment, he's got me into Carl Orff's Carmina Burana (I think everyone knows the first really dramatic piece: 'O Fortuna') and the whole thing's in Latin...Latin! I definitely thought that nothing in the world would induce me to ever listen to this...but as you can see, I was proved wrong. But on the other hand, since he's the baritone (and the baritone gets most of the songs to sing), it's not too bad (also he does sound nice singing Latin). =)

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Woke up at 9.00am today.

Spent like the whole freaking day just wracking my brains like crazy to write a 1500 word essay...and when did I finally finish?


Gah...*collapses on top of her laptop in exhaustion*

Damn HKU and their irritating, pointless assignments. =( I am officially now sick of the Qing Dynasty and their really annoying policies, lol.

Now just off to have a bite of dinner and relax by listening to opera...sung by Thomas Allen, of course =P

EDIT: OMG...just realised that the number of 'HKU' tags (now listed at 11) is catching up with the number of 'Durham' tags (now 13)...must not let it catch up...

*imagines everyone going -______- at her*
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Okay...I need 10 people to answer these two questions for me...

1. What is the purpose of History as a subject?
2. What is the job of the historian?

...and before people start looking at me and wondering why I'm not answering them (or seemingly not knowing how to answer them XD), it's because my history assignment says that I have ask people who aren't involved in the teaching or studying of history, lol.

More about HKU utterly tired and exhausted after my first week...promise to post soon though.

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Er...wasn't really expecting this but I suddenly got a conditional offer from HKU in the post today...

And they're asking for a reply AND HKD 10,000 deposit if I accept the offer BY 7th MAY.


And they're saying: "Oh, under our university regulations, we're not allowed to return your deposit unless you have failed to meet our basic admission requirements [which were mentioned in the last post...and really, obviously I AM going to get above the requirement no matter what]." So basically...if I flunk all my exams that's the ONLY way to get the deposit back if I accept. And I mean 10000 is NOT a small sum of money to lose randomly to the wind just because I don't go.

I might as well not accept the offer if that's the case then...

*sigh* So undecided.


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