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It's a little late, I know...but anyways, happy belated Chinese New Year. Hopefully the Year of the Rabbit will be a better one for the world at large than the Year of the Tiger.

Oh, and yeah...I've just finished playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (old game by video game standards seeing that it was released in 2009, I know) and the game is just EPIC. Short but epic. And it's reminded me once again how much Captain Price just kicks arse in the Modern Warfare series. SAS > US Army any day as far as the game is concerned. And the speech Price gives before both he and 'Soap' head off on their 'last' mission is brilliant. Can't wait for Modern Warfare 3 and Price better not die in that one like he nearly did in the first one. 
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Finally got a hold of the historical RTS game, Napoleon: Total War and it's very embarrassingly obvious to me that my fangirling over the Duke of Wellington hasn't blown over quite yet (if ever) since I simply squeed with delight upon seeing this pop up in the game whenever I right-clicked Wellington's portrait:

*sighs exasperatedly*

But overall, it's quite an interesting game so far (an improvement over Empire: Total War since that game wasn't exclusively focused on the Napoleonic Wars though both sort of cover the same period) though I confess to playing on the easiest level since I'm still very much of beginner with these things...
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Grrr...I think I've spent waaaaay too much time playing games when I should be focusing on my essays instead. But after playing Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4, I can definitely say one thing: Captain Price is definitely my favourite character from the series. (Oh, and yeah, having that fantastic moustache/beard of his a definite bonus.) Probably I would have to rate Agent 47 (from the Hitman series) and Captain Price as my favourite video game characters so far if I had to make a choice...

Right, that was random...what else can I post up here? Oh...right, it was the prize-giving presentation last Wednesday (and believe it or not, I actually managed to wear that 'Snape' coat of mine seeing that I didn't have and didn't want to wear a suit jacket thing on that cold evening...[ profile] enserric will be so proud, lol). Expectedly, I was the only foreigner on the list (that meaning not Cantonese or Chinese) but I was surprised that Jade or Joey didn't get anything since I expected them to be the top of their classes like they were at SIS. Argh but I had to wear heels (first time since graduation last May, believe it or not!) and my god...they were nearly the end of me. They also caused a little bit of embarrassment for me when I was on my way to prepare to go onstage (by going around the hall) and I spotted Mr Wray silently giving me his congratulations. Either I was startled by seeing him or the floor was slippery and I nearly slipped in front of him, causing him to look quite concerned...-____- Fortunately though, I didn't fall over and continued to go round the hall though of course, inwardly chastising myself for looking such a fool...yes, I am such a graceful creature, I know.

The ceremony was a joke...the certificate which was awarded to us onstage wasn't actually the real one (WTF? Even SIS gave the real one onstage) and later we were asked to give in the fake one for our real one half an hour after the ceremony. *rolls eyes* The guest of honour awarded the certificates and not the vice-chancellor who was supposed to give them out as well. Gah, once again, I'm expecting too much from this university. But I did manage to take a photo with Mr Wray afterwards (he's leaving SIS after this school year and heading to Canada, btw...and so I thought it would be a good time to give him a farewell present and card last Wednesday.) My mum and I promised to see him again at the SIS fair this coming Friday so that's one thing to look forward to this week, I suppose. And damn, I still need to pick up my A-level certificates...has everyone collected them already though? I hope they aren't going to throw them away! (Idiotic thought, I know, but it's possible)

I guess I better get back to writing my essay which is due tomorrow...*sighs*


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