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Being a fanfic writer myself, it's hard to be neutral on the topic. One of the reasons why people resort to reading or writing fanfics usually stems from the fact that we'd like to delve deeper into the fandom universe, whether it be writing an extended narrative explaining what hasn't been expanded upon in the novel/television series/game, etc or just putting our favourite characters into a relationship which alas was never meant to be in the canon. Well, at least, those are some of the reasons why I write/read fanfics. So in a way, fanfiction can be seen as a sort of acknowledgment from us as fans to show how much we love the fandom and I've seen some fantastic fanfics which can stand on their own as publishable novels.

On the other hand, there is of course the dark side where the most terrible dribble can be written where the characters are made to do totally OOC things or say the most atrocious dialogue or put into another universe altogether. The problem is that nearly ANYONE can think to themselves 'Say, I'd like to write a fanfic about so and so' and put their pen to paper (or hand to keyboard) and start writing. And sometimes the results aren't pretty. And the worst case scenario is when bad fanfiction turns into equally bad published novels (I've suffered my fair share of awful Austen sequels)...quel horreur. But that is the case in almost every form of media these days, and fanfic isn't an exception.

Regardless, I'm still a big proponent for fanfiction, esp. when put in the capable hands of talented writers who really know their fandom/characters back to front.
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It's funny but when I was writing the date down during yesterday's lecture, I noticed it was already the 1st of February. ALREADY. Goodness me, how time flies. It seems only yesterday that it was the start of 2010. Reminds one rather scarily of how life is continually slipping us by, second by second, minute by minute. I better stop here; I'm creeping myself out.

I have no idea why but I got out Roald Dahl's Matilda from my bookshelf the other day and reread the book after what seems like over 7 years. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it despite knowing it was really intended for older children. I knew beforehand that he had a rather wicked sense of humour in his Tales of the Unexpected but I hadn't realised it was also so prominent in his children's books. I doubt a child of ten for example would understand the evil wit in this: 'Your daughter Fiona has the glacial beauty of an iceberg. However, unlike the iceberg she has absolutely nothing beneath the surface.' So you can imagine the laughter which ensued within that very enjoyable three quarters of an hour in rereading the book. Dahl was a fantastic writer; no doubt about it.

I've been buying a lot of books lately. I think I've realised that I really have to get back to reading again after basically a year of messing about since the start of my time at HKU. I've noticed too that Page One is getting more British history books (finally!) and therefore I'm very happy about this turn of events. The other day I bought a book about the famous 95th Rifles of Wellington's army (it's the same regiment that one of my favourite fictional characters is in, Richard Sharpe) and am so far enjoying it as well. I think I also need to reread some Austen since I need to remember how she wrote in trying to get more chapters of my Sense and Sensibility fic up. Oh, you are the joy and bane of my life at times. *sigh* Sometimes I hate the fact that one has to really be in the mood to write something worth reading by other people. The bane of all writers, I think.

I still can't believe it but I've actually set up another blog (a Wordpress one) specifically revolving about opera...I am awed at times at how my interest in opera has spiraled during the past year and a half or so. Two years ago, I would have scorned the notion of liking the artform. Now I can't get enough of it. The joke's on me as usual XD

Better toddle off to bed...quite tired after a rather long day. =)
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So happy.

I've finally gotten back to fanfic writing after such a long period away from it.

Okay, okay...I guess this return can be attributed to my obsession with TA in The Merry Widow since this new fan fic is basically a fanfic retelling of the operetta but I've been planning to write it for such a long time now so I'm glad that I've technically and finally put it from mind to paper.

My mum was annoyed at me for staying up so late (or is it early?! XD  (it's now 7.30 am)) but there's this fear with writing, you know, you never know whether the sudden urge/inspiration you're currently experiencing will return once you've woken up after dosing off for a while so that explains my resistance to sleeping at the moment. 

I just hope that I can finish this fanfic as well as others. It annoys and saddens me to see that so many of my fanfics are incomplete. D=


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