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Gah...slept at nearly 4 this morning...and woke up at 8.30 because my mum woke me up...and I was dizzy in the morning (*imagines friends screaming at her because of her stupidity...XD*) which was really no surprise, considering the circumstances.

And now, here I am at school, trying to work on my history coursework - the final draft of which is due tomorrow. What the hell is wrong with me, lol?! Grr...I wanted to show Ms Mathieson a final draft before giving in the real, final copy in period 3 tomorrow. But being the lazy person that I am, I didn't come round to it and sending her an email tonight will be pointless...I REALLY have to get ORGANISED!!! Or I'm screwed at uni and for the exams. *bangs head on desk*

Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh....I need 3 As and to do them well! *sighs* Why does getting into uni and doing exams/subjects have to be so damn difficult?
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Gah, this person is soooo lucky...she won one of MC's shirts worn during one of his Phantom runs at an auction and she posted a pic...

And yes, that IS MC's autograph near the collar(!) *sighs* feels as if it would be sooo easy to just reach out and touch it. I can just imagine the texture of the shirt. *friends back away at her disturbing comment*

And someone else got one of the half-masks he wore on Broadway...damn it! Why do these people get all the luck?!

Anyways, apart from that....history individual assignment will be done tomorrow. Sent a draft to Mrs Mathieson and she said that I did a good job and advised me to remember as much as I can and get a good night's sleep. Right...I'll do that as soon as I finish the notes and appendix, lol, which are 3/4 of the way finished! XD Well, at least now I know that I'm on track and didn't ramble on about irrelevant things...that is the nightmare of a history student, to put all that effort into answering a question and realising that you rambled on about something for minutes on end that wasn't related to the question!

K...and cooking will be done too. Hopefully, I'll still have my history info intact in my brain after trying to cook something for my fellow friends.
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Yay, I'm 18 today...well, techincially, I was born on Wednesday, 7th March 1990 at 2:57pm at St. Paul's Hospital, Causeway Bay, HK so I was actually really 18 at 2:57 pm today but maybe that's more than everyone needed to know, lol.

Apart from having birthday wishes from my friends (who needed a little reminding after the catastrophe of the previous day's exam results -__-), random people (a.k.a people who I normally don't talk to) wished me Happy Birthday as well (even on Facebook). Thanks again everyone!

Had dinner with my mum today at Bistro Delifrance at Times Square...that was a nice family thing. She gave me a card as well, lol. And the the pizza was good too! =)

Being 18 means a couple of things for me...

1. University freshers
2. Driving License
3. Right to vote
4. Having to replace ID card

Being 18 does NOT mean...

1. Go into random frenzy and throw yourself into the nearest bar/pub/club and get sloshed.
2. Go into above mentioned frenzy and get a pack of cigarettes and light up.

No idea why people go clubbing...I still don't. I mean, why would you want to spend time in a noisy, drunk-infested place where you can't relax due to the deafening music which seems to make the ground vibrate beneath your feet and where you can't even hear the person next to or in front of you, seeing only frantic gesticulations of the hands in some bizarre sign-language.

Anyways, now I can open my presents since it's actually my birthday now although I have no idea if I have enough time to watch the DVDs. Maybe during Easter when all the C/W (or nearly all of it is out of the way). Gah, note to self...have to send Mrs Mathieson a draft of History assignment over the weekend (it felt slightly weird asking her about the IA when everyone was asking about resits...XD). Maybe, I'll try to memorise the key points and pray that I can do it in the 3 hrs allocated to us (now I'm not really sure if the splitting of 3 hrs into 2 manageable 1 1/2 hr sessions will work...since maybe I'll lose concentration!) Crap...I'm PRAYING that I can squeeze all the stuff I need to mention in 3 hours...since I finally spent nearly 2 hours during my free period today working on it and ended up writing about 650 words. And on Tuesday, it basically has to be done from scratch. You get your plan, notes and appendix...they give you a laptop, you open up Microsoft Word and write frantically from the word 'go' on a blank MS Word page. And crap, I haven't finished making my notes and appendix while my plan is done.

*sigh* So stressed. And my exam timetable this summer is as follows:

15 May  - GS (Scientific Horizons)

12 June - History - Synoptic Paper - The Cold War

13 June - English - Wider Reading AND (!) Ecobus - Synoptic Paper (with two modules in it and 4 bloody questions!!!) - Options 1 and 2

19 June - English - Genre Studies - Synoptic Paper

You have no idea how scared I was when Mr Campion suddenly said in History today that the Cold War module was on the 13th as well. O.O! ...but he was checking the Edexcel website and not the school one so I'm praying that the school one is right...because 3 exams (with 2 being synoptic papers) on ONE day will kill me...

But it's my birthday so I'm not bothered to be stressed today...that's for the weekend, lol!


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