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It's April it means April Fool's Day. Therefore, happy April Fool's (though I don't celebrate it, lol)!

I've also remembered that April 1st is also Fred and George Weasley's birthday (according to JKR) so yeah...(I know I'm too waaay into HP for my own good)

Oh, and I also need to change the monthly poem thing in my sidebar. *sigh* So many things to do.

I think I know what I want to write about for my undergrad dissertation next year: medical services in Wellington's Army during the Napoleonic Wars and maybe do a comparison of the medical services in Napoleon's armies. Or investigate whether the experience during the Napoleonic Wars had any effect on domestic medicine/politics/society. Did the British govt actually care about the services/health of its men, etc. Hmm...must think about that.

But OMG, I just found out that only ONE book has been written on Wellington's medical services.

And I have to order it online. -___-

If only I could go to the UK myself and get it. *sigh* It'd be MUCH easier that way.

Oh yes, and it's now the Easter holidays lectures/classes till Wednesday, thank goodness. It will give me time to prepare for my two essays which are due in the third week of April and probably will induce me to write nearly 6000 words in total (each needs about 3000 words)...ah, who says a being a student is easy? I certainly don't think so.
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LOL...I don't believe I just got an A for my opera essay about the ROH 1987 production of Le nozze di Figaro.

And no, when I say 'just', I don't mean 'WTF, why can't I get a higher grade, etc, etc', I mean how on earth did I manage to get such a high grade in the first place? Totally unexpected. The history of opera part though was a B but I'm not complaining since I wasn't really sure of what I was writing in the first place (I was in a rush and didn't really bother to check if everything was right...-___-)

Ha, looks like focusing obsessively on opera productions with TA in it really paid off, lol.
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OMG...I'm trying to write a huge essay AND revise WHILE having a bad cold/infection...

I seriously thought I would never ever be able to do this but since both this essay and exam is tomorrow, my mind is simply forcing my tired, aching body to work anyway. I just hope that I can hold out and that tomorrow I'll be okay and not have to miss the exam. I really don't want to imagine me passing out halfway through... =((

Thankfully though the essay is the one about opera and that makes it doesn't seem so bad since I have some opportunity to fangirl about a particular production/singer/etc.

Just holding on to the fact that after tomorrow, my term here is finally over till January 11! =))


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