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Woot, my opera DVDs have arrived from the US. Finally. After like a month and a week after I ordered them. (And I seriously don't get why shipping from the US takes 2-3 weeks while stuff from the UK can take only a week or so to get here...odd)

But thankfully the copy of Le nozze di Figaro they sent me is different from the one that I have. Although the picture quality isn't as sharp or clear, I admit, as the one posted on Youtube (which is seriously of excellent quality), it's definitely an improvement of my previous version where one couldn't see the bottom half of the screen and therefore couldn't see the floor of the stage which was really disorientating. I'm more than happy with the Onegin as well since I will be finally able to watch the whole production rather than just snippets of it although there is slightly irritating high pitched noise in the background as the video is being played. But I think that's all due to the fact that it's been ripped from old videos which basically must be nearly 20 to 30 years old. As long as the video and sound are in sync and the picture is clear enough to see the singers' faces (and most importantly, TA XDDD), I'm definitely satisfied.

And while I'm on the subject of opera,  I think I won't be able to see Cosi fan tutte this year...*sad sigh*

Guess I'll have to watch these as consolation until I can find the time/money to see a Mozart opera with TA in it. *crosses fingers that he won't be retiring any time soon and that he'll play Don Alfonso at the ROH in the near future again*
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Finally ordered the 1991 Salzburg Figaro and the 1983 Ottawa Onegin just now off that brilliant little opera site I found a while ago. They should (hopefully) arrive within the next two or three weeks! At the moment, I don't really have any great expectations about the quality of the video (seeing that they were most probably ripped from original VHS recordings onto DVDs) but hopefully, they'll be all right (and that the Figaro one is much more clearer and sharper than the sadly distorted copy that I have).

Gah, I'm tired...working on a Saturday is definitely no stroll in the park at times...
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Just when I thought my opera obsession was taking a leisurely little break, I have the fortune to find a website which sells really rare opera recordings on both CD and DVD...including the 1991 Salzburg production of Le nozze di Figaro (my favourite version/cast/production ever) and the 1983 Ottawa production of Eugene Onegin (which seriously is so very rare that no one's ever uploaded much from it even on Youtube)!!! *squees yet again for the second time in as many days*

And my jaw literally dropped open when I saw how many TA recordings they have. But since the site isn't so well known (and looks like it belongs to a rather small business firm) and it doesn't look like it's been updated in a while, I sent an email just in case to see if they still receive and ship out orders before I decide to order something from them. *hopes very much that they still are in business*
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A. List six habits/quirks/facts about yourself

B. Tag seven people to do the same. (I'll only be able to tag 3 ppl since I don't have enough friends, lol!)
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1. I never use sunscreen on a bright, sunny day -- silly, I know, but I'm never bothered to do so.
2. Every time I buy a book/DVD, etc. I always scrutinise it carefully before talking it to the cashier to make sure that it doesn't have any faults or cracks, etc...I despise bent covers/pages on books! =(
3. I constantly talk to myself when I'm alone -- I'm guessing it makes me think!
4. I always end up covering my textbooks in plastic covers to keep them clean while for recreational books, I forgo this step as I want to "feel" the books as I read them.
5. I'm somewhat superstitious...I never walk under ladders and touch wood when I say something unpleasant.
6. I'm a unconventional teenager -- that is, I listen to (and like) classical music, watch old films (as far back as the 1920s!), am totally engrossed in historical periods and follow no real trend of fashion when I wear clothes.

Btw, HMV says they have "Nicholas and Alexandra"! Now, as to where I can get more money to buy a copy is another matter, lol. But I have tons of DVDs to watch due to my dear friends' generosity (WWII and Napoleon!!!) and have no idea where to start...=) I bet I'll welcome anything related to history but more likely, things/periods that stir my interest.


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