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However this turns out...I don't know how to thank you for what you've done.
Lionel: (pause) Knighthood?
The two men share a smile: Lionel's is jesting while Bertie's is fraught with nervous tension. The latter's mood passes to the other man and he adopts a more solemn expression.
Lionel: Forget everything else and just say it to me.
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Bought two books online today despite my awful experience of having to wait for my last book to come by bloody effing ship (which I think is ridiculous). Thankfully they weren't so expensive this time and I made quite sure that the books would be delivered to me within 14 working days. I must say though that most British booksellers are amazingly fast in shipping them off soon after the order is sent to them...I believe they sent them off only 4-5 hours after I requested them O.O

As to what these two books are about; well, one's about Welsh National Opera (the first opera company that TA sang with) and I believe it's really the ONLY book written about the company and the other is about the TV series (and my new obsession) Agatha Christie's Poirot.

I read somewhere recently that there's a new film coming out later this year about King George VI (who is the current Queen's father) and guess who's playing him...Colin Firth.'s nice to see Firth doing roles we don't usually associate him with; first the gay English professor in A Single Man and now the stammering and nervous George VI. I think I'll also give this film a go when it comes out in the cinemas later...and talking about cinemas, I simply can't wait until HP7 Part 1 comes out!

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Yes, that was random...sorry. But he's always been one of my favourite actors in many of my favourite films, e.g. Waterloo, The Sound of Music, Murder by Decree, etc as well as being the original narrator of Sir William Walton's Henry V. Also he's inevitably getting older (he just turned 80 last December!) so there aren't many more chances for him to win. I can't believe that this is his first Oscar nod though...he's been in film for such a long time already. Here's hoping that he wins!

Oh, and also Colin Firth surprisingly got a nomination for Best Actor. But he was playing a very non-Firth/Darcy role this time so I'm not that surprised. It's good for him though...he'll probably now be able to budge the shadow of Mr Darcy off him after 15 years of P&P obsession with him.


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