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Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 again today. And Alan Rickman's Snape is still breaking hearts, it seems. I didn't cry like many Snape fans but goodness me, it was (and still) heartbreaking. For God's sake, just give Rickman the bloody Oscar now.

Oh, and is just me or is it that some of the scenes in the trailers weren't in the final film? E.g. like Voldemort saying 'Why do you live?' to Harry, Snape walking down a dark passage towards Godric's Hollow and looking up at it? Interesting. I hope there'll be a director's cut or something.
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 Only one word for this: SQUEEEEEEEE

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"I think Alan Rickman gives what is quite possibly the film performance of his career. He is stunning in the film, really." - Daniel Radcliffe on AR's performance in Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Why thank you for saying that, Daniel you've just made me want the 14th of July to come even more quickly...
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I literally squeed when I saw this little clip from a preview of the second (and last part) of HP 7. OMG, SNAPE...

Massive spoilers... )
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What I find odd is that actors known for playing villains most of the time who sometimes play good guys or romantic leads don't really make an impact on me (in most cases, they make me totally root for them in the film XDD).  However, I've realised that watching an actor who you're used to seeing as a good guy play a villain/baddie is utterly bizarre.

Take the example of Alan Rickman who's basically the best and well-known onscreen villain ever (e.g. Hans Gruber and The Sheriff of Nottingham)...once he started playing Jamie in Truly Madly Deeply or Colonel Brandon () in Sense and Sensibility, he was instantly the one you liked and you didn't bat an eyelid as to how strange or unusual it is to see him play a totally different role to which he usually did.

I watched Patriot Games the other day (yes, the one with Harrison Ford and Sean Bean) and what I found so odd was seeing Hugh Fraser (who I confess was one of the reasons why I wanted to watch this film; the other was of course his Sharpe costar Sean Bean XD) playing a trusted British secretary to a peer who later turns out to be not so trustworthy and ends up betraying Ford and his employer. You see, I'm just so utterly used to his Captain Hastings in Poirot who is so utterly incapable of betraying or killing anyone in cold blood (seriously he even thinks looking through keyholes and reading other people's letters as 'not playing the game') so to see him do both these things was weird. Also seeing him basically being beaten up, roughly thrown against walls and down the stairs (the latter job is something that Hastings sometimes finds himself doing) and being shot in the knee by Harrison Ford was strange too. Also the fact that his character is accidentally killed by Sean Bean later on didn't help...I just ended up thinking: 'OMG, Sharpe has just shot and killed Wellington!'

It seems that these actors are just waaay too fixed in my mind in their particular roles for me to accept them as anything else XDDD
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I'm sorry but this has to be said (once again and numerous times): Alan Rickman as Snape is so DAMN COOL.

Yes, you might guess after seeing this random fangirling post that I've watched HP6 again...and you're right. Okay, okay...Snape killing Dumbledore isn't the happiest of things but you got to pity the fellow. But the scene beneath the Astronomy Tower between Harry and Snape just got me again. (And the hospital wing scene also got me laughing again...the expression on everyone's faces XDDDD and Snape going like: 'Now someone please for the love of Merlin's beard, tell me again why on earth am I in this scene?!'

I'm just waiting eagerly for the next two installments now...*crosses fingers*
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Yes, I'm bored and posting a couple of icons which I made in my spare time over the past few weeks...

[01-03] AR as Severus Snape
[04-07] King George V (my favourite British king)
[08-09] The Duke of Wellington
[10-12] TA in various roles in the 70s

If anyone decides to use any of these, please credit and also please do not use any of these as icon bases.

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Last month I gave a little preview of a drawing in progress but then no one guessed who it was (not that I was expecting anyone to do so XD)

So here is the finished product that I finished last month.

In my opinion, I'm glad it looks waaaay better than the one I drew two years ago which is also on my dA.

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I think I'm waaay too into two people nowadays...

1. Snape (or rather Alan Rickman as Snape)...the past few days I've come up with a video and a new one shot on


2. TA...but what the hell, you knew that already! But I think my TA mania has increased crazily after a fellow TA fan from Poland sent me some DVDs of him as Ulisse (Odysseus/Ulysses) as well as a rare 1986 documentary of some equally fascinating programmes from 2000 - one which involves him cooking pasta (O_O...but I must say he has brilliant knife technique...his response to that? "Well, I come from a very long line of murderers..." XD) while another is a very insightful and amusing masterclass. I loved his frequent jibes about tenors...

TA (to soprano): People don't really cry in operas...well, apart when Mimi (from 'La boheme') dies or something like that but I think that you should cry to register the emotion you're feeling. (turns to tenor)'re not crying. You're just...*gestures with mock-exasperation*...being a tenor. I'll tell you what...tenors don't need to cry since they make the most money!


Jul. 7th, 2009 01:10 am
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Excuse me while I squee in the corner about how cool Alan Rickman is as Snape in this...XD

And yeah, I so do not want to be Harry when having his hex deflected by a master duelist like Snape...
Some Snape goodness...XD )

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I think I have just found someone who can actually come so close to impersonating the great Alan Rickman's voice...which is definitely tough since there's obviously NO one in the world who sounds like him. And since Emma Thompson (who's both worked with Rickman and is probably best friends with him) is literally laughing her head off at John Session's impersonations, it must be they're as accurate as they can get.

See here on Stephen Fry's witty, amusing and interesting show: 'QI':

I also love the anecdote of Rickman's encounter with an over-curious kid about why he seems to always play villains. And Emma Thompson's mention of 'Sense and Sensibility' and 'Colonel Brandon' was encouraging, seeing that the film was made about 14 years ago! [But obviously she'll remember because she wrote the screenplay for the film but anyways...]

Ha...and talking about Rickman...I'm dying to see the 6th Harry Potter film which doesn't come out until mid-July? Saw the poster up in Causeway opposite SOGO and my first reaction was: 'FINALLY, SNAPE gets a damn spot on the poster which he deserves!'

EDIT: Here is the poster...SNAPE!!! =DD

What a fan girl I am...much too into everything when I put myself in the mood. XD


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