Apr. 29th, 2011

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Hmm...isn't it strange that despite the fact that my intention last night was to buy the sheet music for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 online that I ended up saying, 'Heck, it's bloody expensive for a book from which I only like one piece of music, ie. 'Snape to Malfoy Manor' and then randomly went off to Abebooks.com to buy two books on Wellington instead? *facepalm* My obsession with Wellington never subsides really even with my love for history, TA, opera and Poirot. 

But in my defence, these are actually books I've never read and aren't available in HK. The first is Lawrence James' The Iron Duke: A Military Biography of Wellington which I've seen cited numerous times in other books on Wellington while the other is a rather interesting book named Wellington's War: His Peninsular Dispatches where the author has actually pieced together a lot of Wellington's actual dispatches, letters, correspondence, etc with his own descriptions to make a sort of narrative account of the war through Wellington's eyes. Although I sort of have ALL of Wellington's dispatches in PDF format, I could never actually read them all without having some sense of direction first as to what I'm looking for so the second book is going to be of great help, I hope.
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Despite not being too interested in the proceedings of the Royal Wedding beforehand, I caved in at the last moment and decided to watch it anyway...I mean, how often do you see a Royal Wedding take place?

And was I glad I did (it's my first)...the most touching moment was when they took their vows. Beautiful. And Kate Middleton's dress was very elegant indeed, much better than I had previously expected. And the uniforms...of course, I adored them. The most amusing moment was seeing Prince Philip waiting for the Queen to get into the carriage after the wedding ceremony then being waved inside by his wife. I could simply imagine the Queen going 'Oh no, Philip, do go in first. I'll bring up the rear.' XD

Watched the wedding through the ABC News broadcast on Yahoo! but was bemused when the commentator said the music being played as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (those are their titles now) was Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March No. 5 when it sounded unmistakably like William Walton (it's quite hard to forget Walton's style after listening to his music for Laurence Olivier's Henry V). Was proved right when I read later that the music was indeed Walton's Crown Imperial. I must say I'm getting quite good at listening to classical music! Either that or I've listened to waaay too much for my own good.


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